Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snow is Glistening!

In Amarillo, Texas that is!

I'm having WAY too much fun fiddling around with photos on! I just had to edit a few from my cousin's snow adventures today!

My cousin Stephen, his wife Kennah & their 5 year old, Charlee

She is the SMARTEST little girl I know!

What a perfect start to the Christmas season!


Pixel Perfect said...

Hey! I saw your blog on mckmama's blogfrog blog roll. (that was a mouthful!) Beautiful pictures! I want snow!!!


Daryl said...

I very much enjoy your blog!
It has amazing flavor and texture.

Mountain Mama said...

Very cute and creative pics. Way to go!


Danielle said...

You have gotten so good at editing. I go to picnik and don't do half as good as you. Sure do miss you my creative, Martha Stewart friend :)

Carol said...

Hard to believe they had snow while we (only 6 hour drive away and further NORTH) haven't yet had a hard frost. The stuff of dreams. We might get a chance this week or next to have some winter fun here too. Mom