Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Non-Photo Post- *gasp*...lots on my mind!

I read this often on women's blogs: "I wish I had more time to blog, I've been going through my day's blogging things in my head and then they never get to be typed out."

One specific blog I can think of she has a philosophy that she "blogs without obligation" and I think that's the approach I identify with the most. I love to blog, I love to read blogs, but I never let it hang over me that I don't blog on any specific schedule. There's even a couple times I've not blogged about a certain trip (Dan & Bonnie's wedding, or my trip to Brazil this summer) or activity and now I feel like too much time has passed. Sometimes I think, we'll maybe I'll be in the mood one of these days and blog about such events. Maybe I will and maybe I won't...I just don't let it hang over me. I've still got the photos for my own record, they are nicely organized and labeled on Facebook so it's not the end of the world.

Sometimes I think it would be cool to make a living at blogging like lots of women do, but at the same time I'm glad I don't have it hanging over me that I have to blog. Blogging is fun and I want it to stay that way.

One thing that makes me grin- every single time I go see my mom's parents my grandpa tells me, "Thanks for your blog, Andrea, I really love reading it!" Ah the joys of email. That really makes my day, Grandpa! I wish I knew who else reads my blog. I've only got a handful of people who comment regularly and every now and then someone will stop me at church and tell me how much they enjoy reading Our Traditional Home. And I always stop, am a little bit shocked and ask, "Really!? Thanks for telling me!" I think knowing each of their readers is a dream of every blogger. :)

On another topic- being a nanny. I really feel like this is something I'm supposed to be doing right now to be a blessing in our friend's lives. Let me tell you it's been hard. Not so much the actual 'doing of it', but the things I've had to give up- namely my time and my social calendar. I've had very little time to accomplish much of what I want to do and very little time to be with friends...and let me tell you I'm a very social person apparently, cause I'm really missing it. I know other people still have social lives and work 40 hours a week, but I'm doing that AND still doing A LOT of vending work. Lots of days lately I've been working vending 7am-11am and then nannying from 12pm-8pm. That leaves me very exhausted, still having to be a wife and homemaker. I've been falling into bed as soon as possible lately.

I've been trying to glean as much as possible about motherhood while doing this gig. One of the things is- "How can I be a mom and still make time for ____________" I feel like a lot of things I want to accomplish I could if I was at my own home with my own kids. Tell me mom's- is this true or not? Do you just have to put aside most of the things you want to do? I'm a big hobbyist and am finding it so hard right now to accomplish very many of my hobbies.

I find in some ways I must be doing this to understand my husband more. He is constantly telling me he does not have enough time to accomplish things he really wants to do- like creative shop work, time with friends, backpacking, camping, etc....but in the mean time there are two of us working 12 hours a day! All I know is being a nanny is not forever, not even close actually. I will be back to focusing 100% on Our Traditional Home before I know it!


twingirlsmom said...

I read your blog! I have it in my google reader so whenever you update, I get it in an email at google reader. Also, I haven't blogged since January 1st so don't feel bad. And yes, we do give up a little of ourselves when we have kids. It's totally normal.

TnFullQuiver said...

Andrea Cherie,
I too read your blog, and I enjoy it!!! When you become a mom, you do give up a lot. It isn't much different then when you chose to become a wife. You give, BUT you also get back. You make deposits into their lives, but you also get to make withdrawals! Each season requires something from you, and when they are young you may not have as much time to do the things that you enjoy. However, your hands will be filled with new things that you enjoy!!

grace and peace,