Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I read blogs

My thoughts are finally coming to a conclusion as blogger shows I started this post June 14, 2009!

Over the past year I have become a blog junkie. I'm not toally obessed about posting on my own, evidenced by they fact that sometimes I only post once a week! But I LOVE to read blogs. Every time I sit at my computer I have to refresh my side bar so it will tell me if any of the blogs I regularly read have been updated recently!

We ate dinner with some friends from church a few months ago and they (he) could not understand the draw the internet has on us. First of all, since we don't have a TV, but we each have our own computer, that's what we do to "unwind" in the evenings. We are both prolific internet readers. Me blogs, Jason is usually reading a "how to" something or studying tools or gearing up for his next outdoor adventure.

So why do I like to read so many blogs?

I enjoy reading about people who are like minded to me/us and learning from them. I like to read about people who cook and bake cool things, so that I can give them a try if it looks appealing. I like to learn how other people accomplish their hobbies like quilting or decorating and see what I can glean from their projects. I like learning about things that Jason and I hope to implement in our future- whether it be about owning land, having a garden and bees, or raising children. There is a reason the quote in my header reads "Blessed are those who enjoy what is good in their everyday." I like to share and learn in people's everyday living.

I like to keep up with friends and family. Like my college roommate who is living in China right now, I love reading about her student's antics and shenannigans! Or my cousin who is interning in Washington DC this semester. Or my dear friend who just moved to Arizona. And on the flip side I like that our grandparents, aunts and uncles have a chance to know what's happening in our lives in between visits. Jason particularly likes that our lives are being chronicled, recorded somewhere for us to look back on.

I felt inspired to conclude this post today because of a certain blog I've read a decent amount from this weekend. Alyssa Ann is a blogger I happened upon months ago and boy does she inspire me. She is a very talented photographer of her SEVEN gorgeous children- that was my first draw to her blog, but as I read deeper into her writings I am uplifted every time I read her thoughts. She has much to share on forming and cultivating relationships - with God, her family and others. I have NO idea how she has time to write like she does (ok, so she says mosts of her posts are written at midnight!) but it all the more encourages me to keep writing and reading blogs.

Happy Monday!


twingirlsmom said...

Look into 'google reader'. It is your very own 'blog email' where it sends you updated posts of the blogs you follow. That way you don't have to refresh their page to see if it has been reader lets you know and sends you the post! I love google reader!

~Bren~ said...

I love Google reader too!
I started reading Resolved2Worship a couple of years ago when Alesha (Obtaining Grace) mentioned her. Her daughter had just had a bad fall from the tree house and broke her arm severly. It was a heartbreaking time. She has a beautiful blog and her family is gorgeous!