Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WENESDAY like Twitter


6:30am- hop out of bed...yes I try to hop out of bed most mornings, it just helps me get going!
6:30am- take care of Finnigan and check computer real quick and eat a bowl of honey nut o's. I'm really hungry 1st thing this morning for some reason (I didn't eat much for dinner last night I guess)
6:45am- make Jason's breakfast (pancakes, a banana & 2 eggs)
7:00am- pack Jason's lunch (3 PB & honey sandwiches on fresh bread, apples, chocolate chip cookies, fresh green beans, almonds & cherry tomatoes)
7:30am- read/quiet time
8:00am- work on changing all my blogs over into Google Reader (at the suggestion of several of my blog followers) and read some blogs! (my fav!)
9:50am- heat up some quiche to take over to little guy for his lunch

10:00am- Walk across the street to help with the kiddos.
10:30am- throw a load of baby clothes into the washer.
11:00am- take little guy over to my house so he will quit fussing and play with Finnigan. (It was really a rouse to get his hand print made on something Mom & I are working on for their Daddy for Adoption Day tomorrow)
11:30am- Feed Little Guy lunch & he goes right down for a nap since he skipped his 1st nap.
12:00pm- Baby Belle comes over to my house and Dad brings a sign over that he wants me to paint "Sunset Sunday" on for our neighborhood block party this Sunday afternoon.
1:20pm- Baby Belle goes down for her nap on my bedroom rug on a blanket
2:00pm- Jason calls me and says he's making reservations to take me to Fleming's for our anniversary tonight! Isn't that special!? :)
3:40pm- Baby Belle wakes up, so we head back across the street and she get's a bottle.
4:00pm- get all the baby clothes out of the dryer, fold and put away.
5:15pm- Give Baby Belle a bath & then play with her
6:00pm- go home for the evening and start getting ready for my dinner date!
7:00pm- Jason comes home! Our reservations are in 30 minutes!
7:40pm- We make it to Fleming's a little late! But we enjoy our long leisurely dinner! He orders the 8oz. fillet and I order the 6 oz fillet. Yummmy!
9:40pm- heading home, Jason does some business work on the computer and I read before bedtime.

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