Friday, October 9, 2009

Update on Lexi

I received this email today from my dear friend Danielle (the one who just moved to Phoenix in August)

Dear family and friends,
Tim and I have dear friends in Tulsa, Brian and Donna. Some of you may know them or have heard us talk of them and their family. Just yesterday (Thurs), their daughter Lexis awoke in the morning with a high fever and an enlarged stomach. After being rushed to the emergency room in Tulsa they decided to transport her to Oklahoma City to meet with a team of specialists. Today (Friday), just a few short hours ago, they were given the news that Lexis is in the very last stage of liver disease. She has to have a transplant immediately. Brian will be tested to see if he is a match and if so, a portion of his liver will be given to Lexis. If not, like any transplant list, they have no idea of the time frame. The doctors have told Donna and Brian that there is no way to gage how much time Lexis has remaining. We are emailing you because we know that there is power in prayer. They need our prayers desperately. Not only are they facing this with Lexis but they also have five other children at home in Tulsa. Brian's mom has traveled to Tulsa from Ohio temporarily. There are a lot of unknowns at this point and I will try to keep all of you updated as things progress.

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