Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Lexi: I saw from Donna on facebook an update about Lexi- she is in St. Louis and stable. They are currently running a lot of tests on her before she can be placed on a transplant list. Please continue to pray!


7:00am- hop out of bed! (literally!)
7:00am- take care of Finnigan and check computer real quick.
7:15am- make Jason's breakfast (pancakes, 1/2 avocado & 2 eggs ), I eat a bowl of honey nut o's while I'm working in the kitchen.
7:30am- pack Jason's lunch (homemade PB & crackers, apples, chocolate chip cookies, a banana, almonds & cherry tomatoes)
8:30am- sit down and read/quiet time...pretty much the only time I really sit ALL day!
9:00am- throw in a load of laundry
9:30am- head into the kitchen- laundry into dryer and brown 2 packages of beef along with starting "mushroom steak" in the crockpot for dinner!
10:00am- begin making bread- mixing, kneading & rising
11:00am- once bread is in the oven, I do all the dishes and then peel and cut the potatoes for mashed potatoes tonight. I just put them in a pot of water to turn on in the evening when I get home.
11:15am- shower, wash and dry my hair (which takes forever on this rainy day!)
11:45am- just about done getting ready for the day, and I pull the bread out of the oven.

12:00pm- Walk across the street to help with the kiddos, feed little guy lunch.
1:00pm- LITTLE GUY DOES HIS FIRST MAJOR WALKING TODAY! (like more than 6 steps!)
2:00pm- Mom & I attempt to do their hand prints in a plaster of paris thing...it's a disaster!
2:30pm- Baby Belle goes down for a nap & Little Guy refuses a nap. Mom takes a nap so I take Little Guy over to my house. There we unload the dishwasher, put away the dry laundry and wrap up the bread for the freezer.
3:40pm- Baby Belle is awake when we come back, so I give her an afternoon bottle
3:50pm- Little Guy get's a snack
5:30pm- Feed Little Guy & Baby Belle dinner
6:00pm- Mom goes to the airport to pick up Dad (he's home from work early this week since it's adoption week for them!!)
6:30pm- Bath time- Dad comes upstairs and finishes bathing Little Guy
6:45pm- I put Baby Belle to bed
7:00pm- do all dishes/bottles in sink and straighten up the downstairs. Go to the basement and fold laundry.
7:30pm- nothing more for me to do tonight so I walk back across the street and go home. Sadly, Jason isn't home still on a night I'm home early. He's out playing racquetball with his friend Matthew
7:45pm -I cook the mashed potatoes while writing this blog post. Finnigan falls asleep with his head on my arm, making it hard to type!

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