Thursday, October 15, 2009

THURSDAY like Twitter

Thursday: Today is adoption day, so I have the day free from being a nanny...however I don't feel too hot today, so I didn't get too much accomplished on my list here at home.

6:30am- get out of bed- this morning I begin to experiment with and come up with the "pearls & pajamas" photo.
7:30am- I finally get Jason up to show him what I've been working on!!
8:00am- make Jason's breakfast (pancakes, an avocado & 2 eggs)
8:00am- pack Jason's lunch (3 PB & honey sandwiches on fresh bread, apples, chocolate chip cookies, almonds & pecans...but before Jason even leaves for the morning he already has lunch plans with his his packed lunch will just be snacks, or maybe even dinner for him!)
8:30am- start a load of laundry and run the dishwasher
9:00am- fiddle around on a bunch more
11:45am- head out for the day to run some errands
12:00pm- take dishes back by my friend, Laurie's house in Broken Arrow
12:15pm- get the mail from our mailbox at the UPS store. Our box is overflowing! AND my Mrs. Myer's dish washing detergent is here!!
12:30pm- go to my parent's house to see my mom, but she's not there so I take an hour long nap on their couch since my tummy hurts.
1:30pm- My mom comes home and I hang out with her for a while
2:20pm- leave my parent's house and go to QuikTrip to get some gas.
2:35pm- stop by our friend's office and pick up their digital SLR camera I'm borrowing- a family has asked me to take their fall photos this Saturday, so I figured I'd better use a better camera than my little Sony point & shoot.
3:00pm- Stop at a house off 51st street to pick up my order of white wheat. Paula only delivers to Tulsa on Thursdays.
3:30pm- Driving through my neighborhood on the way home I see a nice bar stool out in someones trash pile. I pick it up- it's got a broken leg, but my husband knows how to weld!
4:00pm- stop in across the street to offer congrats to our friend's on their adoption of Little Guy and Baby Belle today. I stay away from the kiddos since I'm not feeling too well.
5:00pm- come home and sort through ALL the mail we got, read a couple of the magazines and then decide to take another nap.
7:30pm- wake up from my nap and work some more on things in the office, like writing this blog post.
9:00pm- Jason calls and says he's finally on his way home. I'm still not feeling to great, so I go back to sleep.


LB said...

I enjoyed these posts and think I'll steal the idea for myself if I ever have an interesting day haha.

Your friend Kara came out of the woodwork, and we are new blog friends, I'm happy to announce.

As much as JT is unhappy with his job, I am happy we can fly for free and have huge discounts on cruises we normally couldn't afford. He just surprised me with it a few days ago, and I'm not entirely sure where we're going, but I think the Virgin Islands (where Leah is from!) or Puerto Rico. I will take lots of pictures!

Jeremy, Brandi, Josie, Rhett, & Rheve said...

I just found your blog through Blog Frog. I love that you are blogging your daily life. . .it will be great to look back on someday! I, too, and from Oklahoma. We live right outside of OKC in Moore. My sister lives in Tulsa. Small world! Have a great day!