Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seventy-seven more to go!! **

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my dear husband, Jason!
I Love You, Sweetheart!

I enjoy serving with you at RFKC- 5 summers now!
It really blessed me last week when you played that recording from your phone of this camper singing along with his headphones at bedtime, "Oh no, He never let's go. Oh no He never let's go of me..."

This is one of my all time favorite photos of us!
(at your grandparent's old farm! We really should go "reclaim" some of the wood off the barn so we can use it for something at our house one day! )

My Big Strong Man!

I won't be shocked if our kids have "honey" colored eyes!

Such the norm- you a sweaty mess! But I still love you and will sit next you!

Not too many husbands have taught their wives how to run a tile saw!

Lot's of adventure in our marriage! I look forward to MANY more with you!

**We have an agreement to be married 80 years!


More than Survival said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love your 80 year marriage!!!
You know... my husband is a custom ceramic tile installer and I have NEVER used any of his tile cutters... way to go!!
Have a special day celebrating your love!!!

Mountain Mama said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You are so blessed. Keep on loving him (unconditionally)!!


LB said...

So so happy for you guys! I hope we KNOW you for all of those 80 years :)