Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Gorgeous Fall 2009

I can't quite place my finger on it.
Why is fall SO striking to me this year?

Is it the fact that the tree in my front yard is blazing red?
Is it the fact that we've had SO much rain over the past month the colors are more fantastic than ever?
Is it the fact that I have my very own pot of pansies on my doorstep?
or that we've moved to a neighborhood that has a block party? (I painted the signs)
Is it the fact that my friend Danielle moved to Phoenix and she told me, "We won't really have fall...please take pictures!"
Is it the fact that I have eaten way too much pumpkin bread lately?
or that I've already made Bakerella's mini pumpkin pies?

Not sure. But these are for you, Danielle!


LB said...

I LOVE this post! It seems when we woke up on Wednesday or Thursday, maybe, fall was finally alight!

Tragedy has struck: my camera batteries are dead and we're staying at my parents' house. I've wanted to photograph anything and everything and will have my chance later today!

Kara said...

that red tree is GORGEOUS.


Ornery's Wife said...

Nice pix, Andrea. It does seem like a lovely fall, and I am so glad to be home to enjoy it finally! I was worried it would be over before we got back, but it looks like we still have a nice little patch left.

Mountain Mama said...

WOW! I LOVE that red tree. Beautiful.

Finnigan looks so much like our Toby. Cute Cute!