Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MONDAY like Twitter

This week I plan to do something different with my blog. (a little idea I'm borrowing from my friend!) This is the week of our 3rd wedding anniversary and I want to be able to look back at this time of our lives and know "what we were up to in those days!" So here goes! Here's the "twitter" version of this week!


7:30am- wake up...late I know...for some reason I've been a night owl the past 2 nights!
7:45am- make Jason's breakfast (oatmeal, a banana & apples )
8:00am- warm up 2 slices of spinach quiche for yours truly (J doesn't like quiche) and eat my breakfast with him
8:30am- pack his lunch (homemade PB & crackers, apples, chocolate chip cookies, a banana, almonds & cherry tomatoes)
8:30am- send Jason off for the day then feed Finnigan & clean up after him
8:45am- Check email, facebook and blogs...meanwhile I let my teapot boil dry for about 30 minutes....ugh. I think I'll be able to clean it up, I sure hope so since it' my favorite teapot!
9:00am- attempt to upload photos of our new living quarters to facebook and computer crashes, so I move on to entering personal receipts into Microsoft Money.
10:30am- straighten up office, make a few phone calls
11:20am- Attack the monster pile of dishes in the kitchen. I don't know WHO came in and made such a mess and just LEFT them ALL for ME.... :(
11:45am- get dressed...ok so all this chilly weather hasn't encourageded me to get out of my cozy fleece pajamas at an early hour!

12pm- Walk across the street to help with the kiddos
1:30pm- Baby Belle goes down for a nap
2:30pm- Little Guy goes down for a nap
3:30pm- Baby Belle has her 3pm bottle (late nap!)
3:30pm- Little Guy get's a snack
5:30pm- Feed Little Guy dinner
6:30pm- Bathtime
7:00pm- Jammies & bottles
7:30pm- both usually asleep by then
7:30pm- do all dishes/bottles in sink and straighten up the downstairs.
8:00pm- walk back across the street and go home.
8:00pm- Warm up some supper and sit with Jason while we eat
8:30pm- sit and talk at the table till after 10:30pm and decide we'd better go to sleep sooner than later!

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