Friday, October 23, 2009

Jumping ahead to Christmas...

I get the Crate & Barrel email ads, yet I've never actually clicked on them to go to their website....that is until today! Some lure to check out their Christmas decor (well, if you know me, I love to decorate!) Upon entering their website I saw the cutest Christmas dishes in the whole wide world!

My mother loves dishes
My sister loves dishes
I love dishes

Do we see a pattern here?

It is a serious dream of mine to have enough kitchen cabinet space to store 12 full sets of dishes- so I can rotate to a new set each month! This set wouldn't even have to be Christmas dishes- they could be Valentines dishes or 4th of July dishes.

Ahh...ok, I've come back down to reality. ;)


Ornery's Wife said...

Elizabeth and I both are dish crazy as well. We have both mentioned on various occasions that we would love to have multiple sets of dishes, and I might add matching linens... :) These are cute, and I LOVE Crate and Barrel. It is one of those stores I always go into when I have a chance, and I rarely leave empty handed.

Carol said...

Hmmm very telling and timely post. Ms. Clark asked me to "do" a table at the Women's Ministry Fall Brunch....I signed up for two. Now, should it be the Fall or Winter dishes? The Snow Flake or the Snow Man dishes? The red and green Christmas Tree dishes? or just the red dishes with the black and white damask print dishes? owww and we get to pick the colors for the linens, too. How fun!!! Yipes, remember the time we did the blue and yellow Christmas table? Think outside the box. - Mom