Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finnigan's Family

My best friend, Elise, got a "mini Finnigan" recently!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Gorgeous Fall 2009

I can't quite place my finger on it.
Why is fall SO striking to me this year?

Is it the fact that the tree in my front yard is blazing red?
Is it the fact that we've had SO much rain over the past month the colors are more fantastic than ever?
Is it the fact that I have my very own pot of pansies on my doorstep?
or that we've moved to a neighborhood that has a block party? (I painted the signs)
Is it the fact that my friend Danielle moved to Phoenix and she told me, "We won't really have fall...please take pictures!"
Is it the fact that I have eaten way too much pumpkin bread lately?
or that I've already made Bakerella's mini pumpkin pies?

Not sure. But these are for you, Danielle!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jumping ahead to Christmas...

I get the Crate & Barrel email ads, yet I've never actually clicked on them to go to their website....that is until today! Some lure to check out their Christmas decor (well, if you know me, I love to decorate!) Upon entering their website I saw the cutest Christmas dishes in the whole wide world!

My mother loves dishes
My sister loves dishes
I love dishes

Do we see a pattern here?

It is a serious dream of mine to have enough kitchen cabinet space to store 12 full sets of dishes- so I can rotate to a new set each month! This set wouldn't even have to be Christmas dishes- they could be Valentines dishes or 4th of July dishes.

Ahh...ok, I've come back down to reality. ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

THURSDAY like Twitter

Thursday: Today is adoption day, so I have the day free from being a nanny...however I don't feel too hot today, so I didn't get too much accomplished on my list here at home.

6:30am- get out of bed- this morning I begin to experiment with picnik.com and come up with the "pearls & pajamas" photo.
7:30am- I finally get Jason up to show him what I've been working on!!
8:00am- make Jason's breakfast (pancakes, an avocado & 2 eggs)
8:00am- pack Jason's lunch (3 PB & honey sandwiches on fresh bread, apples, chocolate chip cookies, almonds & pecans...but before Jason even leaves for the morning he already has lunch plans with his friend....so his packed lunch will just be snacks, or maybe even dinner for him!)
8:30am- start a load of laundry and run the dishwasher
9:00am- fiddle around on picnik.com a bunch more
11:45am- head out for the day to run some errands
12:00pm- take dishes back by my friend, Laurie's house in Broken Arrow
12:15pm- get the mail from our mailbox at the UPS store. Our box is overflowing! AND my Mrs. Myer's dish washing detergent is here!!
12:30pm- go to my parent's house to see my mom, but she's not there so I take an hour long nap on their couch since my tummy hurts.
1:30pm- My mom comes home and I hang out with her for a while
2:20pm- leave my parent's house and go to QuikTrip to get some gas.
2:35pm- stop by our friend's office and pick up their digital SLR camera I'm borrowing- a family has asked me to take their fall photos this Saturday, so I figured I'd better use a better camera than my little Sony point & shoot.
3:00pm- Stop at a house off 51st street to pick up my order of white wheat. Paula only delivers to Tulsa on Thursdays.
3:30pm- Driving through my neighborhood on the way home I see a nice bar stool out in someones trash pile. I pick it up- it's got a broken leg, but my husband knows how to weld!
4:00pm- stop in across the street to offer congrats to our friend's on their adoption of Little Guy and Baby Belle today. I stay away from the kiddos since I'm not feeling too well.
5:00pm- come home and sort through ALL the mail we got, read a couple of the magazines and then decide to take another nap.
7:30pm- wake up from my nap and work some more on things in the office, like writing this blog post.
9:00pm- Jason calls and says he's finally on his way home. I'm still not feeling to great, so I go back to sleep.

Pearls & Pajamas

A sign that yesterday was our anniversary...
I looked in the mirror this morning and I still had my pearls on from our fancy* dinner date last night!

* Jason took me to Fleming's steakhouse!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WENESDAY like Twitter


6:30am- hop out of bed...yes I try to hop out of bed most mornings, it just helps me get going!
6:30am- take care of Finnigan and check computer real quick and eat a bowl of honey nut o's. I'm really hungry 1st thing this morning for some reason (I didn't eat much for dinner last night I guess)
6:45am- make Jason's breakfast (pancakes, a banana & 2 eggs)
7:00am- pack Jason's lunch (3 PB & honey sandwiches on fresh bread, apples, chocolate chip cookies, fresh green beans, almonds & cherry tomatoes)
7:30am- read/quiet time
8:00am- work on changing all my blogs over into Google Reader (at the suggestion of several of my blog followers) and read some blogs! (my fav!)
9:50am- heat up some quiche to take over to little guy for his lunch

10:00am- Walk across the street to help with the kiddos.
10:30am- throw a load of baby clothes into the washer.
11:00am- take little guy over to my house so he will quit fussing and play with Finnigan. (It was really a rouse to get his hand print made on something Mom & I are working on for their Daddy for Adoption Day tomorrow)
11:30am- Feed Little Guy lunch & he goes right down for a nap since he skipped his 1st nap.
12:00pm- Baby Belle comes over to my house and Dad brings a sign over that he wants me to paint "Sunset Sunday" on for our neighborhood block party this Sunday afternoon.
1:20pm- Baby Belle goes down for her nap on my bedroom rug on a blanket
2:00pm- Jason calls me and says he's making reservations to take me to Fleming's for our anniversary tonight! Isn't that special!? :)
3:40pm- Baby Belle wakes up, so we head back across the street and she get's a bottle.
4:00pm- get all the baby clothes out of the dryer, fold and put away.
5:15pm- Give Baby Belle a bath & then play with her
6:00pm- go home for the evening and start getting ready for my dinner date!
7:00pm- Jason comes home! Our reservations are in 30 minutes!
7:40pm- We make it to Fleming's a little late! But we enjoy our long leisurely dinner! He orders the 8oz. fillet and I order the 6 oz fillet. Yummmy!
9:40pm- heading home, Jason does some business work on the computer and I read before bedtime.

Seventy-seven more to go!! **

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my dear husband, Jason!
I Love You, Sweetheart!

I enjoy serving with you at RFKC- 5 summers now!
It really blessed me last week when you played that recording from your phone of this camper singing along with his headphones at bedtime, "Oh no, He never let's go. Oh no He never let's go of me..."

This is one of my all time favorite photos of us!
(at your grandparent's old farm! We really should go "reclaim" some of the wood off the barn so we can use it for something at our house one day! )

My Big Strong Man!

I won't be shocked if our kids have "honey" colored eyes!

Such the norm- you a sweaty mess! But I still love you and will sit next you!

Not too many husbands have taught their wives how to run a tile saw!

Lot's of adventure in our marriage! I look forward to MANY more with you!

**We have an agreement to be married 80 years!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TUESDAY like Twitter

Lexi: I saw from Donna on facebook an update about Lexi- she is in St. Louis and stable. They are currently running a lot of tests on her before she can be placed on a transplant list. Please continue to pray!


7:00am- hop out of bed! (literally!)
7:00am- take care of Finnigan and check computer real quick.
7:15am- make Jason's breakfast (pancakes, 1/2 avocado & 2 eggs ), I eat a bowl of honey nut o's while I'm working in the kitchen.
7:30am- pack Jason's lunch (homemade PB & crackers, apples, chocolate chip cookies, a banana, almonds & cherry tomatoes)
8:30am- sit down and read/quiet time...pretty much the only time I really sit ALL day!
9:00am- throw in a load of laundry
9:30am- head into the kitchen- laundry into dryer and brown 2 packages of beef along with starting "mushroom steak" in the crockpot for dinner!
10:00am- begin making bread- mixing, kneading & rising
11:00am- once bread is in the oven, I do all the dishes and then peel and cut the potatoes for mashed potatoes tonight. I just put them in a pot of water to turn on in the evening when I get home.
11:15am- shower, wash and dry my hair (which takes forever on this rainy day!)
11:45am- just about done getting ready for the day, and I pull the bread out of the oven.

12:00pm- Walk across the street to help with the kiddos, feed little guy lunch.
1:00pm- LITTLE GUY DOES HIS FIRST MAJOR WALKING TODAY! (like more than 6 steps!)
2:00pm- Mom & I attempt to do their hand prints in a plaster of paris thing...it's a disaster!
2:30pm- Baby Belle goes down for a nap & Little Guy refuses a nap. Mom takes a nap so I take Little Guy over to my house. There we unload the dishwasher, put away the dry laundry and wrap up the bread for the freezer.
3:40pm- Baby Belle is awake when we come back, so I give her an afternoon bottle
3:50pm- Little Guy get's a snack
5:30pm- Feed Little Guy & Baby Belle dinner
6:00pm- Mom goes to the airport to pick up Dad (he's home from work early this week since it's adoption week for them!!)
6:30pm- Bath time- Dad comes upstairs and finishes bathing Little Guy
6:45pm- I put Baby Belle to bed
7:00pm- do all dishes/bottles in sink and straighten up the downstairs. Go to the basement and fold laundry.
7:30pm- nothing more for me to do tonight so I walk back across the street and go home. Sadly, Jason isn't home still on a night I'm home early. He's out playing racquetball with his friend Matthew
7:45pm -I cook the mashed potatoes while writing this blog post. Finnigan falls asleep with his head on my arm, making it hard to type!

MONDAY like Twitter

This week I plan to do something different with my blog. (a little idea I'm borrowing from my friend!) This is the week of our 3rd wedding anniversary and I want to be able to look back at this time of our lives and know "what we were up to in those days!" So here goes! Here's the "twitter" version of this week!


7:30am- wake up...late I know...for some reason I've been a night owl the past 2 nights!
7:45am- make Jason's breakfast (oatmeal, a banana & apples )
8:00am- warm up 2 slices of spinach quiche for yours truly (J doesn't like quiche) and eat my breakfast with him
8:30am- pack his lunch (homemade PB & crackers, apples, chocolate chip cookies, a banana, almonds & cherry tomatoes)
8:30am- send Jason off for the day then feed Finnigan & clean up after him
8:45am- Check email, facebook and blogs...meanwhile I let my teapot boil dry for about 30 minutes....ugh. I think I'll be able to clean it up, I sure hope so since it' my favorite teapot!
9:00am- attempt to upload photos of our new living quarters to facebook and computer crashes, so I move on to entering personal receipts into Microsoft Money.
10:30am- straighten up office, make a few phone calls
11:20am- Attack the monster pile of dishes in the kitchen. I don't know WHO came in and made such a mess and just LEFT them ALL for ME.... :(
11:45am- get dressed...ok so all this chilly weather hasn't encourageded me to get out of my cozy fleece pajamas at an early hour!

12pm- Walk across the street to help with the kiddos
1:30pm- Baby Belle goes down for a nap
2:30pm- Little Guy goes down for a nap
3:30pm- Baby Belle has her 3pm bottle (late nap!)
3:30pm- Little Guy get's a snack
5:30pm- Feed Little Guy dinner
6:30pm- Bathtime
7:00pm- Jammies & bottles
7:30pm- both usually asleep by then
7:30pm- do all dishes/bottles in sink and straighten up the downstairs.
8:00pm- walk back across the street and go home.
8:00pm- Warm up some supper and sit with Jason while we eat
8:30pm- sit and talk at the table till after 10:30pm and decide we'd better go to sleep sooner than later!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lexi Traveling

(Lindsey & Lexis)

Monday at 9am- Lexis will be airlifted to St. Louis. Her parents will be driving to meet her.

They have also decided today not to put their house in Tulsa on the market just yet.

So many unknowns and lots of huge decisions. Please continue to pray for Lexi and her family.

(Lindsey & Lexis- winter '08)

Another Update

It's 2:20am and I am WIDE awake...not even remotely normal for me. Lots on my mind.

I spoke with my friend Danielle this evening around midnight and she passed along the latest from Brian & Donna. I ask you to pray, pray, pray for them. Their lives are already changing 100% from this-
  • They are having to decide if they will move to St. Louis or Indianapolis - then Lexis will be airlifted there to wait for a transplant. They will need to live near where transplant surgery is completed for several years, but this decision has to be made now. Pray for guidance.
  • Lexis' liver pushed on a vein to the point it burst- which is why she was bleeding internally. She has had 2 blood transfusions since going to the hospital. Pray that she will make it until a transplant is available.
  • Brian so far is the only person who has stepped forward from the family to be tested to see if he is a match. Donna's sister has too, but she is the one taking on the other 5 children. (Donna is not a candidate.) Pray for a match to be found quickly!
  • Once they decide where to move to, Brian & Donna will find an apartment to live in. It is my understanding so far that he was going to be transfered out of state soon with his job, so they are now looking to transfer to one of these two cities. Pray for favor with his company.
  • The remaining 5 children are flying to Oregon to live with Donna's sister & husband- indefinitely. Donna does not even know when they will be able to see them, but this seems to be the best option for now. If you are a parent, you know this is a VERY hard decision for them. Pray for protection over the other 5 children and peace for Brian & Donna.
  • They will be putting their house on the market here in Tulsa as soon as the children move. Pray for it to sell quickly and not be a burden to them.
If you go to church with me, I ask that you would find a way to send encouragement to Brian & Donna via Facebook. They are VERY discouraged right now.

Their neighbors are helping out with meals until the kids leave, but the Grandma currently there with them needs lots of help with laundry, house cleaning and yard work. I will be going over with a mutual friend on Monday morning and if you can come help that would be great! or another day would be even better! Please contact me if you can help in any way!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Update on Lexi

I received this email today from my dear friend Danielle (the one who just moved to Phoenix in August)

Dear family and friends,
Tim and I have dear friends in Tulsa, Brian and Donna. Some of you may know them or have heard us talk of them and their family. Just yesterday (Thurs), their daughter Lexis awoke in the morning with a high fever and an enlarged stomach. After being rushed to the emergency room in Tulsa they decided to transport her to Oklahoma City to meet with a team of specialists. Today (Friday), just a few short hours ago, they were given the news that Lexis is in the very last stage of liver disease. She has to have a transplant immediately. Brian will be tested to see if he is a match and if so, a portion of his liver will be given to Lexis. If not, like any transplant list, they have no idea of the time frame. The doctors have told Donna and Brian that there is no way to gage how much time Lexis has remaining. We are emailing you because we know that there is power in prayer. They need our prayers desperately. Not only are they facing this with Lexis but they also have five other children at home in Tulsa. Brian's mom has traveled to Tulsa from Ohio temporarily. There are a lot of unknowns at this point and I will try to keep all of you updated as things progress.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Please pray for Lexis

This sweet family I know from church- 6 kiddos within 6 years. They've got their hands really full.

Today one of their twin girls (Lexis- the one on mom's hip) had to be taken by ambulance to the Oklahoma City Children's Hospital. She was born with an enlarged liver and now is suddenly having complications with her liver and is losing blood (dr's in Tulsa could not figure it out). She is almost 3 years old.

Here is her mom's latest Facebook update as of Thursday at 9:15pm:

Donna A:
Lexi is having a hard time...she is tired of all the tests. they think she has a viral infection that has compromised her already damaged liver. She also is bleeding from somewhere...This is a very vital situation. Liver transplant is going to happen just not sure when...in the process of getting her on a transplant list. Right now I am trying to deal with the immediate situation. Please PRAY...I am having such a hard time seeing my baby girl like this...Scares me...this is truley the hardest place I have been in my life. God please help my sweet little Lexi! She needs a miracle!Please pray for strength for Brian and I.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Promo Ad

I wish I could say I was receiving some form of compensation from the following post, but I'm not. This is purely my opinion shared because I really enjoy this product. :)

My cousin, Kennah, got me on to Mrs. Myer's cleaning products 3 summers ago when I visited her. She didn't even have any of these cleaning products, she just raved about how heavenly they smelled at her friend's house! How's that for advertising!

So I came home from Texas and made a beeline for Whole Foods (I was a pretty new shopper there at the time) and searched out "Mrs. Myer's Clean Day counter top spray in Lavender." I was instantly sold from the time I first opened the bottle, it was heavenly! I used that for quite some time before I ventured out and tried the "geranium" scent. It went to first place in my book, hands down! The best part about the counter top spray? You refill the spray bottle with 2 tablespoons of concentrated cleaner, the rest is water. Talk about lasting a really long time! I've hardly made a dent in my bottle of the concentrated cleaner!

Geranium has been my scent of choice and I now buy her laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and most recently her dish washing detergent. I happened upon the dish washing detergent back in May when I catered that graduation party for our friend's Kurt & Dawn in Arkansas. I opened her dishwasher to put clean dishes away and the most wonderful scent filled the room. I was shocked that dishes could smell so good! I immediately looked under the kitchen sink and sure enough it was Mrs. Myer's Geranium Dish washing Detergent. I have since searched high and low all over Tulsa for it to no avail. I finally asked her this week where she buys it- Amazon.com! Yesterday I made my order for a case of 6 bottles! I can't wait for it to come and make my kitchen smell so great! (most of their products are in cases of 6 on amazon.com, but that's fine for us, we like to buy in bulk and not have to buy so often.)

I'm not completely educated on the actual "naturalness" of Mrs. Myer's products other than I know they are plant based and not chemical based. Here's part of a review I found on treehugger.com for you non-chemical cleaning folks: "All Mrs. Meyer's liquid products are biodegradable, and do not contain ammonia, chlorine or phosphates. Essential oils are used extensively to create their "uncomplicated products for a clean and happy home" and come in powerful (but not overpowering) scents of lavender, geranium and lemon verbana. Whenever possible, raw materials are obtained from renewable plant resources such as olive, coconut, corn or soy. Mrs. Meyer's, as a company, is cruelty-free and, therefore, does not test any of their products on animals. Inspired by a real-life Iowa mother, they believe that the mundane, tedious, laborious chore of cleaning should be therapeutic, pleasing to the senses and the results should be enjoyable for both you and other people; what's bad for dirt should also be good for you."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I read blogs

My thoughts are finally coming to a conclusion as blogger shows I started this post June 14, 2009!

Over the past year I have become a blog junkie. I'm not toally obessed about posting on my own, evidenced by they fact that sometimes I only post once a week! But I LOVE to read blogs. Every time I sit at my computer I have to refresh my side bar so it will tell me if any of the blogs I regularly read have been updated recently!

We ate dinner with some friends from church a few months ago and they (he) could not understand the draw the internet has on us. First of all, since we don't have a TV, but we each have our own computer, that's what we do to "unwind" in the evenings. We are both prolific internet readers. Me blogs, Jason is usually reading a "how to" something or studying tools or gearing up for his next outdoor adventure.

So why do I like to read so many blogs?

I enjoy reading about people who are like minded to me/us and learning from them. I like to read about people who cook and bake cool things, so that I can give them a try if it looks appealing. I like to learn how other people accomplish their hobbies like quilting or decorating and see what I can glean from their projects. I like learning about things that Jason and I hope to implement in our future- whether it be about owning land, having a garden and bees, or raising children. There is a reason the quote in my header reads "Blessed are those who enjoy what is good in their everyday." I like to share and learn in people's everyday living.

I like to keep up with friends and family. Like my college roommate who is living in China right now, I love reading about her student's antics and shenannigans! Or my cousin who is interning in Washington DC this semester. Or my dear friend who just moved to Arizona. And on the flip side I like that our grandparents, aunts and uncles have a chance to know what's happening in our lives in between visits. Jason particularly likes that our lives are being chronicled, recorded somewhere for us to look back on.

I felt inspired to conclude this post today because of a certain blog I've read a decent amount from this weekend. Alyssa Ann is a blogger I happened upon months ago and boy does she inspire me. She is a very talented photographer of her SEVEN gorgeous children- that was my first draw to her blog, but as I read deeper into her writings I am uplifted every time I read her thoughts. She has much to share on forming and cultivating relationships - with God, her family and others. I have NO idea how she has time to write like she does (ok, so she says mosts of her posts are written at midnight!) but it all the more encourages me to keep writing and reading blogs.

Happy Monday!