Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've got tons of photos to upload and share...however since getting my dear ol' desktop computer set up has not been high on the priority list of moving, simple cell phone photos will have to suffice.

Last Wednesday night, Jason took me to the local showing of the Hillsong United concert! We had really close seats and I loved EVERY minute we were there! Brooke Fraser even sang a couple of my fav tunes.

Brooke Fraser singing the Desert song

Sadly though, we had to leave at 9:15 (our friends Jef & Laurie said it went until 10:45pm!) and book it over to the house of this sweet family. Mom, Dad, and son went on a missions trip and we stayed with their super-spunky-talks-100mph-non-stop 11 year old daughter, Bella! We had SO MUCH fun with her! She and I painted pottery one evening at the Purple Glaze. She helped me paint my new living room. We took her out for sushi at The Flying Fish, and then HAD to go get Josh's Sno Shack. (She was floored that I went to high school with Josh!) She helped us move on Saturday. She loved on Little Guy and Baby Belle, and then apparently had baby fever because Saturday night she birthed a watermelon from under her shirt and named it "Veniswayla-Pluto-Girgle-Pickle-Rooster" (spelling and all!) "Veniswayla" was complete with a drawn on face and real Pampers diaper. She had us in stitches ALL evening!

Sunday we took Bella to her church, LifeChurch, where Matt & Jess attend, so we sat with them. Then that afternoon she and I baked 4 pies for the RFKC pie auction at our church and she and Jason played TWO games of Monopoly. Lets just say I finally went to bed after telling them multiple times it was past Bella's bedtime (to the tune of 11:30 -ish) on school night and I overheard Jason tell her once done, "Now don't tell your mom how late I let you stay up!" I hope she didn't fall asleep the next day in school!

We had a great turn out of friends on Saturday that helped us move- Matt & Jess, Jef & Laurie (well...they just showed up for dinner, but have offered to bring us a housewarming dinner this week, um YES!), Jason's friend Jerod and our new neighbors (Little Guy & Baby Belle's parents- who so graciously offered to buy everyone Hideaway Pizza for dinner after moving! It was awesome!)

Bella's family came home Monday afternoon and I made it over to our new home and finished painting the kitchen and my Mom brought her parents over to lend a helping hand too. My mom & grandma rock- they put shelf paper in ALL the cabinets and drawers! And my grandpa got 3/4 of the living room walls painted with a 2nd coat! They were a huge help!

Oh and another shout out to my friend, Jessica who pretty much unpacked my whole kitchen! Thank you!!

And last but not least, today was my very first day being a nanny. It's definitely going to take some getting use to of the schedule (full time hours). My #1 goal with this is to be a blessing in our friend's lives. It's fun living right across the street from them too! Once my house is a little more in order, I'll be able to take one of the kids home with me for part of the afternoons. That will be nice too.

My eyeballs are burning I'm so tired, so I'd better go to sleep...but I needed to blog all of this so I don't forget this grand adventure we've started! (so, pardon my ramblings tonight!)

Bella helping me make apple pie

Bella and her watermelon baby. She wasn't too thrilled about Jason wanting to eat her baby!

It's really true, you will grow a watermelon in your tummy if you eat too many watermelon seeds!

Bella helping me paint my living room

Jason and Bella on their first game of Monopoly

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