Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turning a House into a Home

Happy Birthday to me!
Side note before the post: My friend Elise stopped by today to see the new place and she brought me sushi and flowers for my birthday. What a cool idea. I am so going to use that down the road!

It's been 3 weekends ago that we moved into a cute little vintage duplex....and 3 weeks of lots of boxes still hanging out everywhere. I was planning to go visit a friend in Arkansas this weekend, but it just wasn't going to work out with her schedule so I determined this would be the weekend I get rid of all the moving boxes. Today my mom helped me get some rugs and install a new light fixture while I unpacked.

Last night my family went out to eat at Charleston's for my birthday, my card from my parents had a page out of a catalog with rugs on it and my mom wrote on the photo, "$200 towards an area rug for your new home!" I was THRILLED as I have been searching high and low on Craigslist for at least one area rug for our living room. We absolutely LOVE that we don't have any carpet in our new place, but a rug here and there would be awesome!

So today my mom met me at Sam's so we could check out their "Tent Rug Sale!" out in the parking lot. Oh my gosh. Um, we were definitely not in the market for $1200+ rugs, so we moved on to Lowes. We found a couple great possibilities except that we didn't think to bring a cushion from my red sofa so we decided to go get a cushion and go the Lowes by my house. The Lowes by my house had a larger selection of rugs and quite a few more on clearance! I found a black and white one that I fell in love with, but it was far too contemporary for my traditional furnishings. :(
Plus I had to think ahead, if I use this rug for the next 5+ years will I still like it? I love anything black and white right now, but I'm sure it's kind of a fad thing that my taste will change sometime in the next year or so. We ended up going with this more traditional rug, and the best part!? The large 7'x10' was only $98, so I got two!! One for my living room and one for under my dining table. I really wanted to get one of each of these large rugs however the dining and living rooms really flow together so they need to match.
Also while we were at Lowes we walked through the lighting section as we were leaving and my mom commented, "Look at that cute light fixture, that would look so much better than that ugly can light someone stuck above your sink (not recessed into the ceiling)." We found the box on the shelf and it was only $5.60, so we couldn't pass that up! My mom took the old light down and put up the glass one in less than 30 minutes, I was impressed! My kitchen is SO much brighter!

Today I accomplished getting the living room all set up, tomorrow is the office/craft room. After that all I have left is stuff to hang on the walls here and there. I'm pleased with how the living room is coming. It's pretty obvious we need some more furniture (we doubled our living space moving here) but that is not super high on the budget right now so I'm working with what I've got! I have these really awful bookshelves that everyone seems to think I need to replace. I said to my sister, "Well do you think I could sell them on Craigslist and get some other ones?" to which she replied, "I think you'd have to pay someone to take them off your hands." However until they bother a certain husband enough to make some new ones, that's the only place I have for books. So full of books they are ;)
(the room is about another 1/3 in size that the picture doesn't show. Plenty of room for a love seat or some more chairs and a sofa table by the entry!)


Danielle said...

Your living room looks lovely! So warm and cozy. Good job! Sure wish I was there to see it in person~

Mountain Mama said...

I love the rug choice AND the room looks awesome! Very inviting! Now, get on that husband of yours to build you some bigger and nicer bookshelves. :)

As to your question about kittens: Funny thing. No, we don't have kittens everywhere. We have 2 male cats that live in the garage and catch all of our field mice and voles. Then we got Elizabeth a kitten for her birthday. He is sooo sweet and the girls have loved on him so much. As a mother, i realized, these little girls need a litter of kittens to love and raise. So, i searched high and low for a female. Found this cute little white one. perfect! except for the fact that she is a he. (they were city folk and clueless) OK, so how do you tell all 5 girls that have seen and held this little kitten that we are not taking HIM home. You don't! So now we have another kitten and still no mama. Don't be surprised if you see Elizabeth holding a new kitten - hopefully it will be a female.

vanessalyons said...

It's coming together sis, looks very cozy!!

Carol said...

Your room looks great. It's nice to see your paint color really warms up the space. The whole traffic flow through the room and the way there is no feature wall except for the windows reminds me of Granny's living room. Try to keep the uncluttered look. It was fun helping you get settled in. - Mom

Susan said...

The rug you picked looks fabulous with your furniture (love the warm, cozy colors and textures) but I'm going to scoop up the rug you didn't pick. I drooled over it at Lowe's last week and went to look it up online tonight but their website is down for maintenance at the moment so I did a Google search and that's how I found your blog (it rocks btw). The rug is on SUPER clearance -- the largest size (an 8x11 I think) is only $84 right now! I'm crossing my fingers & hoping that it is still there when I go to buy it next week! Thanks for posting a picture so I can drool virtually, lol.

Susan said...

Couldn't wait, went to pick up the rug today! I also saw an 8x10 woven jute rug on sale for $67. Can't beat that! I came back here to look at the pic of your room again, I love the warmth it has.