Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Self discovery

I learned something new about myself tonight:
I am a million times better at typing on Jason's laptop than I am on my own desktop keyboard.
Guess that means I need a laptop, honey! And make it a Macbook while you're at it.**

**Highly unlikely I will be getting a new computer anytime soon! ;)


Ornery's Wife said...

I have found that I am also a better typist on the laptop. The keys on the regular keyboard are much stiffer. However, I have noticed that the heels of my hands are having some inflammation that can only be due to the strange position I hold my hands in to type on the laptop. I'll suffer the pain, though. I love my laptop!

Jason Sooter said...

Highly unlikely indeed ;)

Mountain Mama said...

If we are putting in orders...
Tell him, I will take one too!