Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Post!

After not blogging for close to TWO weeks, I decided today I'd better get on it! (Well...I just set my computer up Saturday, only for Jason to take it apart to locate a noisy fan...but this morning he put it back together until the new fan comes.)

Lots and lots has been going in our household based on my camera. It's been one month to the day since I've last dumped photos on to my computer so I'll give you the highlights in several different posts:

Dad & Grandpa Jeff making goofy faces for the camera.
My dad's dad & his wife, Alice, visited us from San Diego. I haven't seen he & his wife since I was a senior in high school (7 years). This is only their 3rd visit to Tulsa in the 28 years my parents have been married.

Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Alice, Dad, Jason & me
(they had to meet Collin & Nessa the next night)

Dad, Grandpa Jeff, Mom & Grandma Alice

Grandpa plays in a harmonica band with his Kiawanis group, he said they were on YouTube, but I couldn't find them to link it on here :(

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