Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Bella Fun Photos!

I've got more fun pictures off my camera from staying with Bella Marie! She was soooo much fun! We were supposed to stay with she and her brother again last weekend, but their mom was sick and didn't end up going on the trip. Hopefully in a couple more weeks we'll get to stay with them again!

Bella showing off our "before" stuff from the Purple Glaze- its this awesome art studio where you go paint pottery with glazing!

Mine was a mixing bow, a tribute to Bakerella!!

"After" - I free handed the Zebra stripes with pencil and she painted them in the with glaze

Mine "after"- we picked them up 2 days after we made them and they had a chance to be fired in the kiln.

Getting sushi at the Flying Fish

"So do you guys like sea food?! Ok, ahhhhhh, see food!"

We made 4 pies for the RFKC pie auction, I'm still not sure how much they went for in total. I'm pretty sure the pecan pies went for $135 each! (they raised $6,400 at the auction, enough to send like 13 kids to camp next summer!)

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