Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Love

My daddy used to sing us a song when we were little ~ something about "baby love, my baby love, won't be my baby love?"

Little guy came over one day to my house and helped me fold laundry. Check out both of their blue blue eyes!

Little Guy is 15 1/2 months. He is standing and traveling furniture. I bet he will be walking by the end of this month.

Baby Belle is 6 months old. She is passing up her brother in many milestones (she was not quite as premature as he was). She is working on her sitting skills, but not quite by herself just yet.

Tuesday this week the neighborhood garden club threw a baby shower for their mom, which is why we are both dressed up in this picture.

I made a wreath/mobile for Baby Belle's nursery. Just a small something my friend pointed out in a Pottery Barn catalog that they don't actually sell.

See the wreath above the crib?

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