Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's To Do!

Good thing it's not left up to this professional napper to get anything done today!

A lot to be done before moving on Saturday!

Here's all I hope to accomplish today:
  • Go to Sherwin Williams
  • Go to Walmart or Target
  • Do all paperwork for business/personal (enter receipts, pay bills, etc.)
  • Call to transfer electric, gas and internet services
  • Call to set up water and curb side recycling
  • Call to transfer renters insurance
  • Brown a package of ground beef for dinner tonight
  • Finish packing
  • Finish re-painting apartment (3 walls left in one room!...We have decided painting our apartment was SO worth it, we hate this white it's gone back to! I've already got colors picked out for the next place!)
  • Go to Sam's Club this afternoon/evening and buy snacks to service vending machines tomorrow
  • Go to our warehouse and load up all the snacks in my car for route
  • Make tacos for Jason & his brother Kevin for dinner
I guess I'd better get on it!

1 comment:

More than Survival said...

Have fun getting that list done!! I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading... will be back!