Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sad Day in T-Town

It's official.

Our dear, dear friends, Tim & Danielle, moved to Phoenix today. :(

We threw them a huge going away party this past Tuesday night at my parent's house. Thanks to all who came and made it a wonderful last memory for them. :)

I first met Tim & Danielle 6 years ago when a mutual friend recommended me to them as a babysitter. I spent a couple years being the favorite babysitter and then once Jason came along, we hit it off as great friends. They stood with us at our wedding and their 2 older children were our flower girl and ring bearer.

We are so sad to see them go, but know that it is God's will that they begin this new chapter of their lives closer to Danielle's parents.

We will love and miss you!
~ Jason & Andrea

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Danielle said...

What a sweet post, Andrea. I've been out of the loop the last week partly because of traveling and also because of feeling under the weather. Your post brought tears to my eyes. We miss you guys and are so grateful for the wonderful going away party you threw on our behalf. Let's catch up soon! Love you!