Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jason in the Pecos Wilderness

In between my trip to Brazil (which I still need to post pictures about!) and going to RFKC, Jason went backpacking in the Pecos Wilderness (NM) with my Uncle Eric and 3 of my cousins. My cousin, Michael, posted some fantastic pictures on Facebook this morning and I thought I should share some of them with you :)

This is Jason's 3rd year to go on this trip with my Uncle and cousins.
Headed out!
(There were a couple other guys from my Uncle's church on this trip. I don't know who they are though to label them.)

Michael's caption to this picture on Facebook:
"Jason cooking. He didn't start missing Andrea until right now. Hehe, I'm just kidding cousin, he was missing you before he even got to our house in Canyon, TX."

Lake Katherine (I think)- their base camp

They saw a group of wild rams this year!

Jason at the top! They climbed to the highest peak- Santa Fe Balde.

(L to R) my cousins: Lee, Andrew, Michael, my Uncle Eric & Jason

View down, Lake Katherine- the highest lake in New Mexico

"Strong Men" who made it to the top!

Another view from the top.

Taking it all in!

I though this was a great picture Michael took!

Mike (brown jacket) & Jason (red jacket) eating breakfast one morning

Beautiful surroundings.

Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico


Carol said...

Wow, that's gorgeous country! Tell me again why the female side of our family doesn't do something equally amazing?!!!..besides cooking those 9 course 3 day Christmas progressive dinner events. I like waterfalls too. - Mom

Yvonne said...

I know those are always memorable trips for Jason. That was some beautiful scenery. I love the mountains. What am I doing here in the flatlands??? We so enjoyed living in Boulder where when we looked in the direction of the mountains, every scene was a postcard!!!

~Bren~ said...

Awesome pictures! Such MEN!