Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's To Do!

Good thing it's not left up to this professional napper to get anything done today!

A lot to be done before moving on Saturday!

Here's all I hope to accomplish today:
  • Go to Sherwin Williams
  • Go to Walmart or Target
  • Do all paperwork for business/personal (enter receipts, pay bills, etc.)
  • Call to transfer electric, gas and internet services
  • Call to set up water and curb side recycling
  • Call to transfer renters insurance
  • Brown a package of ground beef for dinner tonight
  • Finish packing
  • Finish re-painting apartment (3 walls left in one room!...We have decided painting our apartment was SO worth it, we hate this white it's gone back to! I've already got colors picked out for the next place!)
  • Go to Sam's Club this afternoon/evening and buy snacks to service vending machines tomorrow
  • Go to our warehouse and load up all the snacks in my car for route
  • Make tacos for Jason & his brother Kevin for dinner
I guess I'd better get on it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thoughts on moving...

My sister came over tonight and helped me pack, after I fed her of course. We had tacos, Jason's favorite. I think he would eat taco's 4 nights a week if I made them that often. ;)

I got a text this evening from this sweet friend & her hubby wondering about the house we'd Jason said I'd better clarify on my blog that we are just renting a house for the time being.

and that's where the big huge giant change comes into play.

It all came about last week when our friends fostering/adopting Little Guy and Baby Belle were suddenly without a nanny. Mind you these little babes are 15 months and 5 1/2 months. Her hands are so.very.full.

They live in a very nice historic part of town, with huge old oil money houses from the 1920's. And across the street from their beautiful home is a quaint duplex in the middle of this neighborhood. A duplex that we are going to rent and I will be their nanny for the next 6 months or so. She just about burst into tears when I told her we'd decided to make thiscommitment to them.

It will be a huge change as we have been married nearly 3 years and I've never worked outside of our home/business. I have lots of freedom. That all is about to change as we feel for the time being we need to pour some extra love into this family.

We are moving in 2 weekends and I start September 1st.

Mom & Dad
Baby Belle & Little Guy
April 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Finn sized box!

Finnigan's got his game on~
we're moving!

To a cute little house in a historic district of town.
A big change is headed our way.
details forthcoming, and no I'm not pregnant

All wood floors!
Twice the kitchen space!
a 2nd bedroom= office/sewing/craft room!
a garden is already being planned for next spring!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Drum roll please...

In the midst of all the travels, piles of laundry & dishes, farewells, and working long days I've forgotten to announce....

Jason's Grandma, Yvonne, has joined the blogging world!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So Grown Up!

I had dinner tonight with this lil short stuff :)
Me & Kate on my wedding day :)

Katie is moving in to her college dorm this coming Wednesday.

I can hardly believe it.

She was a just a tiny (well, she's still tiny like me) 2nd grader when I met her.

AND, on top of that...her middle sister, Lillian, is going to be a freshman in high school.

I got to see her for a breif moment tonight too and squeeze her neck!

Lili, Celia & Katie swimming at my parent's house, Summer 2003.


They've grown up so fast.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jason in the Pecos Wilderness

In between my trip to Brazil (which I still need to post pictures about!) and going to RFKC, Jason went backpacking in the Pecos Wilderness (NM) with my Uncle Eric and 3 of my cousins. My cousin, Michael, posted some fantastic pictures on Facebook this morning and I thought I should share some of them with you :)

This is Jason's 3rd year to go on this trip with my Uncle and cousins.
Headed out!
(There were a couple other guys from my Uncle's church on this trip. I don't know who they are though to label them.)

Michael's caption to this picture on Facebook:
"Jason cooking. He didn't start missing Andrea until right now. Hehe, I'm just kidding cousin, he was missing you before he even got to our house in Canyon, TX."

Lake Katherine (I think)- their base camp

They saw a group of wild rams this year!

Jason at the top! They climbed to the highest peak- Santa Fe Balde.

(L to R) my cousins: Lee, Andrew, Michael, my Uncle Eric & Jason

View down, Lake Katherine- the highest lake in New Mexico

"Strong Men" who made it to the top!

Another view from the top.

Taking it all in!

I though this was a great picture Michael took!

Mike (brown jacket) & Jason (red jacket) eating breakfast one morning

Beautiful surroundings.

Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sad Day in T-Town

It's official.

Our dear, dear friends, Tim & Danielle, moved to Phoenix today. :(

We threw them a huge going away party this past Tuesday night at my parent's house. Thanks to all who came and made it a wonderful last memory for them. :)

I first met Tim & Danielle 6 years ago when a mutual friend recommended me to them as a babysitter. I spent a couple years being the favorite babysitter and then once Jason came along, we hit it off as great friends. They stood with us at our wedding and their 2 older children were our flower girl and ring bearer.

We are so sad to see them go, but know that it is God's will that they begin this new chapter of their lives closer to Danielle's parents.

We will love and miss you!
~ Jason & Andrea

Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Royal Family Kid's Camp

Here is a re-cap of our week at kids camp:
70 adults from our church
72 area foster children ages 7-11
5 days of fun!

Jason was a counselor. One of the aspects of RFKC is that each counselor has only two campers- we are serious about giving these kids lots of love and attention!

This was my 5th year as the camp photographer. Many foster children do not have pictures from their childhood so each camper goes home with an individual photo album of pictures of just him/her! (I strive for about 15 pictures for each child.) I took over 2,600 pictures last week, and printed about half of them to distribute to the kids. It is A LOT of work- my job requires that I know the name and face of every child there, pretty much by lunch time on Tuesday! I absolutely love getting to be with ALL the kids!

p.s. Due to the nature of these kids lives, I cannot show any 'identifying' pictures- so that's why you don't see any full faces of the children. Every photo in their album can only be of that one child (plus any of the adults, just not any other kids).

This is my favorite photo from the whole week!

One counselor was too kind ;)

Each cabin of girls gets invited to a tea party - they get to dress up, pretend they are princesses of grand estates and eat fancy foods! My friend, Marilyn, does a fantastic job at this each year! (She is the "maid brought in from Paris") The staff ladies all take turns attending too, Miss Chelsea is at this one.

My mom coordinates ALL the activities for the kids- painting, map & compass trail manicures, doll house, puppets, dress up, flubber, tie dye t-shirts, etc.
We also have zip-line, fishing, kayaking, swimming, bicycles, hiking and woodshop! The kids go home with about twice as much stuff as they came with!

Lots of kids in foster care don't get birthday parties, so we have an "Everybody's Birthday Party" on Thursday night where they get to blow out candles, have "Happy Birthday" sung to them and the get some pretty great gifts!

Another tea party

Costume Corner

We tie-dye t-shirts by coloring them with Sharpie markers and then spraying them with rubbing alcohol.

A family at our church brought 6 Jupiter jumps one evening! This one is a race/obstacle course.

My Grandpa working in the wood shop. This year we were the only family with 3 generations volunteering~ Grandpa-Mom & Dad-Jason & me.

Don't the t-shirts turn out fabulous!?

The fishing was beyond amazing this year! This was the largest fish caught, about 2 FEET long!

It takes about 1 adult per child to make RFKC happen each year. I just have to say, we belong to an awesome church!!

My dad & one of his campers.

My mom helping a girl measure out her hot water to make "flubber"

We apparently all got the memo to wear royal blue this day! (My friend, "Aunt" Donna is the very left gal)

Part of the "family" aspect is that we have a camp aunt & uncle and grandma & grandpa.
Uncle Greg heads up the fishing
Aunt Donna serves the afternoon snack
Grandma Margie writes the kids notes for their bunk
Grandpa Roger works in the wood shop

Jason & his co-counselor with their boys ready to do the map & compass trail.

All week long the kids are constantly looking for crawdads in the creek...or as some call them, "lobsters!"

At the tea party each girl gets their portrait made by themselves and then with their counselor.
This is my first prom dress, I actually got it for homecoming court my 10th grade year. It was my 'Cinderella' dress! I had a hard time letting my mom donate it a few years ago, but now I love that every year I get to see these little girls become Cinderella in it too! It gets worn by someone at almost all 9 tea parties every year now!

This was another one of my formals from highschool :)

This is the only RFKC quilt I have a photo of from this past year :( (It's also the only top I made by myself...I hope to make some more this year!)
A group of us ladies at church work Tuesday afternoons to make each "graduating" 11 year old camper a quilt. We gave out about 25 this year, so we are going to have to get after it this fall and re-build our stock! It is a really big deal to the kids that they are there their last year to get their quilt!

My friend Diane & I working on this quilt after we tied it.
(Sorry, Bren, they are just "tie" quilts!)