Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where am I??

According to my blog I disappeared for a week, not on purpose though!

I worked Monday- Wednesday last week (very busy) and then family came in town/4th of July/spending extra time with my hubby/preparing to be gone for 9 days.

So here I am today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2009. Tomorrow I leave for Brazil!!

I have been doing a million and one thing trying to get ready to leave and every time I think I am done running errands one more thing pops up and needs to be taken care of...like discovering there was only 2 rolls of TP left under the bathroom sink. Or there was only enough dish washing soap to run the dishwasher once more. Or that Jason's little brother will be servicing pop machines with him later this week instead of me today (thankful for the extra day to prepare, but now that means more instructional paper work for me to do since he has never done my "pop day" job.)

Most of my prep work for my trip has involved making sure my sweet dear husband will have food to eat while I am gone. I have not even packed my suitcase yet! (I have to be at the airport at 3:30pm tomorrow, so I've got plenty of time still!) Today I went to the grocery store and got food for Jason to eat lunch every day and food for his upcoming camping trip to New Mexico. He now has plenty of homemade pancakes to warm up for breakfast each morning, a lunch already pre-made in the fridge (tuna salad w/ a separate tub of spinach & a fork, watermelon, cherries, cookies, a banana & pecans) and various diner things in the freezer to warm up as well (lasagna, pizza, taco rolls & salisbury steak). The way to his heart is truly through his stomach!

All that being said, I'm sure he would appreciate a home cooked meal from any of my local readers while I'm gone ;) hint hint...he'd probably appreciate the company too!

If you think about me over the next 9 days, say a prayer for me and the other 10 ladies from my church I'm with. I don't really know exactly what we will be doing, the most we've heard is kitchen work~ which is right up my alley!!

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Kara said...

I hope you have an amazing trip, Andrea. I wish I was coming :). I can't wait to hear all about it (and see pictures of course)!