Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Our shop is located behind Rhema Bible School and they have a huge (35,000 people) music festival with fireworks every year the sunday before the 4th of July. Last week we grilled out with our friends Matt & Jess before it got dark.
Matthew & Jason

Me & Jessica

Jason set us up a nice 'clean' table top on some saw horses to eat on...

We had quite the spread. All we were lacking was some homemade ice cream!

On July 2nd, my cousins (Stephen & Kennah) came from TX with their little girl (Charlee) to visit us at the lake. Kennah had just had eye surger a few days before and was pretty under the weather...and since Charlee is the only little kid around I have lots of pictures of her and not much else!
Charlee helping me bake mom's birthday cake.

She LOVED the boat

My cousin Steve with Charlee

Her very first tube ride

She swam like a little fish all over the lake!

Later that afternoon we went swimming a the pool too!

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~Bren~ said...

Rhema is where I wanted to go to school...I did do their correspondence was hard!!
Looks like a wonderful time. You must be doing scheduled posts while you are in Brazil. I am praying for you!!