Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Back...

...into the swing of things. kinda.

I got home from Brazil last Thursday around noon. My dad picked my mom and I up from the airport. Jason had left at 3am that morning to meet my cousins in TX and to travel on to Pecos, NM to go backpacking for 5 days. He got home late last night. 13 days is a reeeeeeeally long time to be away from my spouse. That's like 1/2 a month!

While he was gone I was a bump on a log. kinda.

It took me working on it 3 days to get my photos uploaded, tagged and commented on in Facebook. (I took over 900 pics, but only uploaded about 450). I did not cook a single meal while Jason was gone. I nibbled at home and had meals with friends and family. I won't tell you how long it took me to get unpacked and laundry put away. Don't worry, it's all done now. :)
You can see my many photos here, here and here.

Now we are home. kinda.

Our motto is 'work hard to play hard'...Sunday we leave again for the week. (at least it's the both of us this time!) for Royal Family Kids Camp. RFKC is a free camp our church hosts (in it's 11th year!) for Tulsa area foster children, ages 7-11. This summer we will take 72 campers, our largest camp yet! It is an international organization with about 160 camps each summer now. It was started by a couple in Southern California, Wayne & Diane Tesch in 1985. They are really incredible people~ they came to our camp 2 summers ago and did leadership training for other new leaders at our camp. I liked meeting them a lot! :) I will be the camp photographer again ~ each child is sent home with a photo album to remember their week of 'positive memories'. Jason will be a counselor ~ each counselor has only 2 campers, individual attention and unconditional love are major factors of this camp.

We are done sewing. kinda.

RFKC specifically focuses on foster children ages 7-11. At the end of each camp the 11 year olds "graduate." Each graduating camper receives a twin sized quilt from our church. I have had the privilege of participating in the quilt group for the past 2 years now. I've only made a couple of quilt tops by myself, but I don't mind hand stitching the bindings down at the end of the process, so I do a lot of that. Last week while 5 of us in the quilt group were in Brazil the couple ladies still at home had to make 3 more boy quilts (we have fourteen 11-year-old boys this year! wow!)...so our leader told us Brazil ladies that we had to make a couple more costumes for the dress up center. Tomorrow morning we will meet up at church and get those done asap!

Ok, I'm all done with this kinda business ;)


~Bren~ said...

A camp with 7-11 year old fosters?? That is ALOT of emotional trauma...I will be praying for you guys! That is such a heart thing. No one in their right mind would do that unless they understood what they were getting into! I sound jaded....I am.

Kara said...

Take me with you! I've always wanted to go to RFKC...

I hope that you have a great time. I'm praying all goes well :)