Monday, July 27, 2009

All Creatures of Our God and King

Reminder ~ to pray for Jason and I and 75 others from our church as we offer a week of fun and unconditional love to 72 foster children this week.

"Miss Andrea, will you take a picture of my baby bird for my photo album!?"

"Look what I caught! It's my third one today!"

Note: last year on Friday as we were packing up I found a blue tailed skink in my luggage. Lets just say I screamed like a little girl when I ran through my cabin and threw it out the front door...the all the girls in my cabin were mad I didn't let one of them have it. I am usually not squeamish about small lizards, but I didn't really care to have one in my suitcase!

"Miss Andrea, isn't it beautiful? Will you take a picture so I can remember the butterfly at home?"

"Check out my frog tank!"

"Quick!! Take a picture, I don't want it to pinch me!"

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Mountain Mama said...

What fun! You are making lasting memories and life changing moments for those kiddos.