Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2nd Anniversary of my Dad's Life

This morning as I work through my list of final details before traveling I sat for a moment to read my 'regular' blogs one last time for a week.

I read this post by MckMama- how one year ago today she was told her baby inside of her was going to die. There was not much more the doctors could do to fix the problems of his tiny heart. Fast forward a year to today- her little baby boy is 8 months old. He isn't perfectly healthy, but alive and growing! Praise God!!

With that being said it reminded me of a miracle in my family that I forgot to post about last week. June 30, 2009 was two years since my dad was nearly killed in a crazy accident at the lake. I didn't have a blog at the time, but I did write a note on Facebook a couple of days later , so I will share that with you. :)

I have heard this story re-told probably 10-15 times, but as I read it again tears just stream down my face. I am SO thankful my dad is alive and well today. (He has had NO physical effects over the long-term from this accident!)

Also, 4 days after his accident he went back up the the lake and jumped in! As you can tell from all my photos this summer, he didn't let it stop him from having fun out on the water!

I think this has been the scariest time in my whole life. My dad almost died Saturday, really it was a miracle from God that he didn't.

About 7pm on Saturday, June 30th Jason & I were at his Uncle Larry's house celebrating family birthdays. We were in the kitchen and Jason handed me his phone and said, "It's your mom, take it outside"

"Andrea, your Dad has been in an accident, he's ok though."

"Mom! What happened?!"

(My parents have been renting a cabin on Grand Lake, just to see if they are cut out to be "lake" people before they decide to buy a cabin- we'll see after this event)

"The water is so high right now- we didn't realize there was an exposed wire running down to the dock. That wire isn't normally even close to the water, but today is was right in the water. We went down to go swimming; your dad jumped in first and got electrocuted. I hung on to him until I could flag down someone to get help- for about 5 minutes he was being shocked"

"But he's ok??"

"Yes, some neighbors helped me pull him out. The lake patrol, Life-Flight, and an ambulance all came too. He's at Grove Hospital right now. What I need you and Jason to do is go up to the cabin and get the dog and take her home."

"Mom how are you so level headed in the moment of crisis? The dog? what about Dad??"

"Andrea, when we were down there on the dock, and no one had come for help, we both just cried out to God for help. He is what helps me not be so worried and upset right now"

"Ok, mom, we'll go out there as soon as possible"

So here I am just a nervous wreck, trying not to cry in front of everyone, but my dad was almost killed today. I choke out the story to Jason's family and tell them we've got to go get the dog. His aunt says to us, "The dog can wait, go see your dad first"

So we drove to the hospital, we go there about 10:30pm and got to see Dad, his muscles were still really sore, but he could talk just fine with us. He could even walk to the bathroom with help from mom.

He had an IV in him to flush his system. When you work out, you stretch afterwards to get rid of lactic acid build up- well his entire body had been like flexed muscles for 5 minutes while being shocked. So there was a lot of lactic acid to flush out. The doctors were watching his kidneys and his heart. He has an irregular heartbeat, always has, but the doctors don't have that documented anywhere and can't just go on mom's knowing that.

They transferred him to St. Johns in Tulsa at 3:30am Sunday morning since the Grove Hospital didn't have a cardiologist on hand this weekend. I visited with dad around lunch time on Sunday, the doctor came in and told him if his blood tests go well on Monday morning, he can go home after that!

When he told us about the whole ordeal Saturday night he said,

"I thought I was sinking to the bottom of the lake, I had no idea your mom was hanging on to me, keeping my head above water. When I came to after they pulled me out, I thought mommy had dove to the bottom of the lake to save me. I went in and out of consciousness before help came, but like said I just thought I was sinking. I couldn't move, only think. I was just sure I was going to die and meet Jesus tonight. I didn't want to die, my family still needs me, but I could do nothing to save myself."

Then he looked at me and tears came to his eyes, "Andrea, mommy saved my life today. Mommy saved my life..."

I am so glad that my dad got a second chance at life. I don't know why dad had to experience all that pain, but I know that God's hand was in this that he is still alive.

My dad still needs prayers for complete recovery physically.
Happy to be at the lake!
the big bass he caught in June
Dad fishing off the neighbor's dock
Captain Tim on his boat


~Bren~ said...

What a testament of God's faithfullness! Your mom was a hero!
Bless you as you travel to Brazil and minister to those there!

Mountain Mama said...

Praise the Lord!! So glad you still have your dad here on earth. God's hand was definitely in it.

Preach it to the Brazilians. Be blessed and bless many!!


LB said...

I got very emotional when I read this in my office. Love you and your family so much!

We're praying for you in Brazil!

Danielle said...

God had His Angel's surrounding your dad that day. Praise God for His unending faithfulness!
I've heard this story many times but reading it again after some time, it brought tears to my eyes just thinking on the goodness of our heavenly Father....