Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RFKC Activities

We are busy at camp!
Keep us in your prayers!

Tie Dye T-Shirts
Map & Compass Trail

Zip Line

Tea Parties
Pretend British Accents
Dress Up
Imaginary Play

Paint Pavilion

Group Games
Birthday Parties
Creature Catching
Crawdad Hunting
Flying Kites

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 27, 2009

All Creatures of Our God and King

Reminder ~ to pray for Jason and I and 75 others from our church as we offer a week of fun and unconditional love to 72 foster children this week.

"Miss Andrea, will you take a picture of my baby bird for my photo album!?"

"Look what I caught! It's my third one today!"

Note: last year on Friday as we were packing up I found a blue tailed skink in my luggage. Lets just say I screamed like a little girl when I ran through my cabin and threw it out the front door...the all the girls in my cabin were mad I didn't let one of them have it. I am usually not squeamish about small lizards, but I didn't really care to have one in my suitcase!

"Miss Andrea, isn't it beautiful? Will you take a picture so I can remember the butterfly at home?"

"Check out my frog tank!"

"Quick!! Take a picture, I don't want it to pinch me!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Back...

...into the swing of things. kinda.

I got home from Brazil last Thursday around noon. My dad picked my mom and I up from the airport. Jason had left at 3am that morning to meet my cousins in TX and to travel on to Pecos, NM to go backpacking for 5 days. He got home late last night. 13 days is a reeeeeeeally long time to be away from my spouse. That's like 1/2 a month!

While he was gone I was a bump on a log. kinda.

It took me working on it 3 days to get my photos uploaded, tagged and commented on in Facebook. (I took over 900 pics, but only uploaded about 450). I did not cook a single meal while Jason was gone. I nibbled at home and had meals with friends and family. I won't tell you how long it took me to get unpacked and laundry put away. Don't worry, it's all done now. :)
You can see my many photos here, here and here.

Now we are home. kinda.

Our motto is 'work hard to play hard'...Sunday we leave again for the week. (at least it's the both of us this time!) for Royal Family Kids Camp. RFKC is a free camp our church hosts (in it's 11th year!) for Tulsa area foster children, ages 7-11. This summer we will take 72 campers, our largest camp yet! It is an international organization with about 160 camps each summer now. It was started by a couple in Southern California, Wayne & Diane Tesch in 1985. They are really incredible people~ they came to our camp 2 summers ago and did leadership training for other new leaders at our camp. I liked meeting them a lot! :) I will be the camp photographer again ~ each child is sent home with a photo album to remember their week of 'positive memories'. Jason will be a counselor ~ each counselor has only 2 campers, individual attention and unconditional love are major factors of this camp.

We are done sewing. kinda.

RFKC specifically focuses on foster children ages 7-11. At the end of each camp the 11 year olds "graduate." Each graduating camper receives a twin sized quilt from our church. I have had the privilege of participating in the quilt group for the past 2 years now. I've only made a couple of quilt tops by myself, but I don't mind hand stitching the bindings down at the end of the process, so I do a lot of that. Last week while 5 of us in the quilt group were in Brazil the couple ladies still at home had to make 3 more boy quilts (we have fourteen 11-year-old boys this year! wow!) our leader told us Brazil ladies that we had to make a couple more costumes for the dress up center. Tomorrow morning we will meet up at church and get those done asap!

Ok, I'm all done with this kinda business ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Mom!!

July 11, 2009

Up at the lake house last weekend we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday (since she & I are in Brazil today on her actual birthday)
Happy Birthday, Mom!! I love you!!
Wishing you another 50 more years!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Our shop is located behind Rhema Bible School and they have a huge (35,000 people) music festival with fireworks every year the sunday before the 4th of July. Last week we grilled out with our friends Matt & Jess before it got dark.
Matthew & Jason

Me & Jessica

Jason set us up a nice 'clean' table top on some saw horses to eat on...

We had quite the spread. All we were lacking was some homemade ice cream!

On July 2nd, my cousins (Stephen & Kennah) came from TX with their little girl (Charlee) to visit us at the lake. Kennah had just had eye surger a few days before and was pretty under the weather...and since Charlee is the only little kid around I have lots of pictures of her and not much else!
Charlee helping me bake mom's birthday cake.

She LOVED the boat

My cousin Steve with Charlee

Her very first tube ride

She swam like a little fish all over the lake!

Later that afternoon we went swimming a the pool too!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2nd Anniversary of my Dad's Life

This morning as I work through my list of final details before traveling I sat for a moment to read my 'regular' blogs one last time for a week.

I read this post by MckMama- how one year ago today she was told her baby inside of her was going to die. There was not much more the doctors could do to fix the problems of his tiny heart. Fast forward a year to today- her little baby boy is 8 months old. He isn't perfectly healthy, but alive and growing! Praise God!!

With that being said it reminded me of a miracle in my family that I forgot to post about last week. June 30, 2009 was two years since my dad was nearly killed in a crazy accident at the lake. I didn't have a blog at the time, but I did write a note on Facebook a couple of days later , so I will share that with you. :)

I have heard this story re-told probably 10-15 times, but as I read it again tears just stream down my face. I am SO thankful my dad is alive and well today. (He has had NO physical effects over the long-term from this accident!)

Also, 4 days after his accident he went back up the the lake and jumped in! As you can tell from all my photos this summer, he didn't let it stop him from having fun out on the water!

I think this has been the scariest time in my whole life. My dad almost died Saturday, really it was a miracle from God that he didn't.

About 7pm on Saturday, June 30th Jason & I were at his Uncle Larry's house celebrating family birthdays. We were in the kitchen and Jason handed me his phone and said, "It's your mom, take it outside"

"Andrea, your Dad has been in an accident, he's ok though."

"Mom! What happened?!"

(My parents have been renting a cabin on Grand Lake, just to see if they are cut out to be "lake" people before they decide to buy a cabin- we'll see after this event)

"The water is so high right now- we didn't realize there was an exposed wire running down to the dock. That wire isn't normally even close to the water, but today is was right in the water. We went down to go swimming; your dad jumped in first and got electrocuted. I hung on to him until I could flag down someone to get help- for about 5 minutes he was being shocked"

"But he's ok??"

"Yes, some neighbors helped me pull him out. The lake patrol, Life-Flight, and an ambulance all came too. He's at Grove Hospital right now. What I need you and Jason to do is go up to the cabin and get the dog and take her home."

"Mom how are you so level headed in the moment of crisis? The dog? what about Dad??"

"Andrea, when we were down there on the dock, and no one had come for help, we both just cried out to God for help. He is what helps me not be so worried and upset right now"

"Ok, mom, we'll go out there as soon as possible"

So here I am just a nervous wreck, trying not to cry in front of everyone, but my dad was almost killed today. I choke out the story to Jason's family and tell them we've got to go get the dog. His aunt says to us, "The dog can wait, go see your dad first"

So we drove to the hospital, we go there about 10:30pm and got to see Dad, his muscles were still really sore, but he could talk just fine with us. He could even walk to the bathroom with help from mom.

He had an IV in him to flush his system. When you work out, you stretch afterwards to get rid of lactic acid build up- well his entire body had been like flexed muscles for 5 minutes while being shocked. So there was a lot of lactic acid to flush out. The doctors were watching his kidneys and his heart. He has an irregular heartbeat, always has, but the doctors don't have that documented anywhere and can't just go on mom's knowing that.

They transferred him to St. Johns in Tulsa at 3:30am Sunday morning since the Grove Hospital didn't have a cardiologist on hand this weekend. I visited with dad around lunch time on Sunday, the doctor came in and told him if his blood tests go well on Monday morning, he can go home after that!

When he told us about the whole ordeal Saturday night he said,

"I thought I was sinking to the bottom of the lake, I had no idea your mom was hanging on to me, keeping my head above water. When I came to after they pulled me out, I thought mommy had dove to the bottom of the lake to save me. I went in and out of consciousness before help came, but like said I just thought I was sinking. I couldn't move, only think. I was just sure I was going to die and meet Jesus tonight. I didn't want to die, my family still needs me, but I could do nothing to save myself."

Then he looked at me and tears came to his eyes, "Andrea, mommy saved my life today. Mommy saved my life..."

I am so glad that my dad got a second chance at life. I don't know why dad had to experience all that pain, but I know that God's hand was in this that he is still alive.

My dad still needs prayers for complete recovery physically.
Happy to be at the lake!
the big bass he caught in June
Dad fishing off the neighbor's dock
Captain Tim on his boat

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where am I??

According to my blog I disappeared for a week, not on purpose though!

I worked Monday- Wednesday last week (very busy) and then family came in town/4th of July/spending extra time with my hubby/preparing to be gone for 9 days.

So here I am today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2009. Tomorrow I leave for Brazil!!

I have been doing a million and one thing trying to get ready to leave and every time I think I am done running errands one more thing pops up and needs to be taken care discovering there was only 2 rolls of TP left under the bathroom sink. Or there was only enough dish washing soap to run the dishwasher once more. Or that Jason's little brother will be servicing pop machines with him later this week instead of me today (thankful for the extra day to prepare, but now that means more instructional paper work for me to do since he has never done my "pop day" job.)

Most of my prep work for my trip has involved making sure my sweet dear husband will have food to eat while I am gone. I have not even packed my suitcase yet! (I have to be at the airport at 3:30pm tomorrow, so I've got plenty of time still!) Today I went to the grocery store and got food for Jason to eat lunch every day and food for his upcoming camping trip to New Mexico. He now has plenty of homemade pancakes to warm up for breakfast each morning, a lunch already pre-made in the fridge (tuna salad w/ a separate tub of spinach & a fork, watermelon, cherries, cookies, a banana & pecans) and various diner things in the freezer to warm up as well (lasagna, pizza, taco rolls & salisbury steak). The way to his heart is truly through his stomach!

All that being said, I'm sure he would appreciate a home cooked meal from any of my local readers while I'm gone ;) hint hint...he'd probably appreciate the company too!

If you think about me over the next 9 days, say a prayer for me and the other 10 ladies from my church I'm with. I don't really know exactly what we will be doing, the most we've heard is kitchen work~ which is right up my alley!!