Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuscan Stuffed Chicken

This evening I swung by Whole Foods to pick up a few items and it was sample time! I probably tried 5 different dishes while I was grocery shopping. (note to self: visit WFM on Monday evenings!) Anyways, I tried roasted red tomatoes with goat cheese on top of a sesame cracker. It was delicious so I picked up the ingredients off the sample cart and made a comment to the clerk about how tasty that was! She commented back that she likes to stuff chicken breast with those roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and fresh I went to the meat counter and got me some chicken breasts!

I forgot to take any "before" and "during" photos, so all you get is the "after" tonight. :)

Chicken Breasts, sliced open to make a pocket
goat cheese or gruyre cheese
roasted red tomatoes
fresh spinach
minced garlic
sliced onions
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
olive oil

(Goat Cheese)

(fresh spinach)

(roasted red peppers)

(Preheat oven to 350 F)
1. Stuff the chicken pockets with 7-8 spinach leaves, 2-3 roasted peppers and a slice of goat cheese
2. Close stuffed pocket with toothpicks

3. Lightly caramelize a spoonful of minced garlic and some sliced onions with olive oil
4. Slightly brown chicken 2-3 minutes per side with the caramelized garlic/onions
5. While the chicken is browning, sprinkle generously with fresh ground peppercorns and sea salt.
6. Place chicken (still raw in the middle) in a glass baking dish and bake for 30 minutes.
7. Take toothpicks out and enjoy!!


Miller's Alley said...

I have to try that, it looks really good.

Ornery's Wife said...

Yum, yum! I think I'll pass on the goat cheese, but all the other ingredients sound yummy! Dill havarti, now that would be a tasty addition! Thanks for posting this, Andrea!

Kara said...

that looks so yummy.

twingirlsmom said...

And...what's the verdict? Thumbs up? The picture looks divine so I have bookmarked this recipe!

anna coffman said...

question: do you stuff it with tomatoes or peppers? it looks delicious! i'm making it tomorrow for sure!