Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy Day

A cool June day at my house. I've had a thoroughly relaxing day spent at home. It's a little overcast/rainy outside, which always makes me move at a little bit of a slower pace. That's fine. I pushed myself hard yesterday. I finally unpacked from our two trips and cleaned everything yesterday! (My reward? Spending 2 hours by the pool at my parents house with my was wonderful to be in the sun! :)

Today I've read. a lot. blogs, magazines, recipe books. I've settled down with a hot mug of tea, meanwhile the AC is running...still? I thought I just set it on 77 so it wouldn't come on so much...!

I've tried 3 times now to upload my photos from our trips to Facebook, upload has failed all three times so I've moved on for now. I'll share some other tid bits with you instead.

This is my favorite teapot. I love it. a) because I love to make tea! b) because my mom has one just like it, in my mind it's just what a teapot should look like! My "nice" teapot that we received as a wedding gift is now permanently part of our camping gear. It made its way to Colorado with us and made me a mug of hot tea at breakfast one morning. :)

These are a few of my favorite teas, right now. That changes often, pretty much every time I buy a new box of tea I try a new flavor.
I told Jason once how I thought a box of tea was rather expensive ($4-$5/box of 20 bags) and he told me - whatever, if you have tea out anywhere it's close to $2 a mug! I'm glad he thinks that way. :)

On another note, something cool happened while we were away on our recent travels. My sister texted to tell us that a photo of mine had been re-published in Tulsa People Magazine!
I won the "people" category in their reader photo contest in the summer of 2005. It was published in the November issue that year. My mom had that one matted and framed for me. It hangs in our bedroom right now. Someday I'll hang it in my art/craft room!

So...apparently they are running that same contest again this summer and they used my photo for the promo ad! I'm pretty excited about that!

And in other news this week I re-arranged my many kitchen gadgets. The swap stemmed from an awesome Craigslist find!
A Champion Juicer!! (pictured on the right) I am loving it! I've been making juice everyday since we got home! And, in case you didn't know, I have need for kitchen gadgets in my life. Probably because my mom doesn't like them and so now I'm filling a void from my childhood. ;)
(That funny looking thing on the left is my wheat grinder to make flour!)

This is another one of my latest: a GT XPress. (I saw them in Target this morning for $30, mine is off the Internet for $20). I use it almost every single morning to make Jason's eggs! It is the coolest little gizmo. You can supposedly make all sorts of stuff in it, I've only done eggs and pancakes though.

The toaster oven found a new home on this side of the kitchen. I use it daily too. Jason eats lots of toast, and my homemade bread doesn't fare too well in the regular toaster.

I also have to show off my spice rack- it finally has a "complete" look to it!
One more kitchen picture! I got TWO new aprons this week!! The b&w one because I thought it was cute at Ross and it matches my kitchen. The other one was a gift for being in the wedding we attended this past weekend. The bride made it for me and I love that it kinda looks like a Vera Bradley print! I'm thrilled for all my aprons because I just found out Monday night that we will be doing lots of kitchen work on our missions trip to Brazil next month! So soon they will be travelling with me!

And since I don't have any children yet to photograph I'll leave you with my furry little Finn looking at birds this afternoon.


~Bren~ said...

What a fun rainy day post!!

Ornery's Wife said...

my sister used to have a teapot like that one. No doubt she still has it somewhere since she is so sentimental about that stuff.

I have a champion juicer and NEVER use it! I should get with you and get some recipes. I am well aware of the health benefits, but it is not a fun thing to clean. (not as bad as a chocolate fountain, but harder than I like!)
PS would you be my friend on facebook?