Thursday, June 4, 2009

My day in numbers

122- miles I drove to do our "snack" vending route today

3- times I listened to my Kari Jobe CD in the car...which oddly enough I ended up giving to a complete stranger at the end of the day who said she likes "The Revelation Song" when it came on the radio at that business.

2- number of contacts offically in my new I'm still carrying around my old phone with all my names and numbers until I have the time to put them all into Google Contacts and sync it up...which probably won't be till Sunday!

1:45pm- the point in my snack route at which I am normally done, today I was only a little over half way done by that time.

7- extra stops I had to make within my normal route

2- airplanes I saw today. random observation, I know.

0-too-big-in-size-cute-railroad-stripe-Bermuda-shorts at Gap that I tried on tonight. hmpf. I wish they carried petite sizes in their store.

(infinite)- amount of dollars I wish I had to spend on clothing at Ann Taylor Loft Petites

80- ounces of water I drank today.

1-overnight guest. Jason's younger brother, Kevin is spending the night tonight.

3- days in a row that I have not made my bed because I've just been too busy and didn't care. *gasp* I know, what has happened to me!? (Don't worry, I just now made it when I came home tonight!)

39- various snack foods I carried around in my car today from place to place (Doritos, Lays, Potato Skins, Bugles, Gardettos, Grandma's Cookies, Snickers, Twix, Payday, Zingers, Texas Cinnamon Rolls, Cherry Cheese Danish, etc...lots of junk!)

0- number of those snacks I ate. I am definitely more disciplined some times than other about not eating that junk food. Today was a good day :)

4- articles of clothing I need to iron before we leave in the morning for a wedding. oh yipee... (note: sarcasm is about the ironing... I'm excited to go to the wedding!)

45-general age of a lady I saw shopping in American Eagle and Aerie with her mother tonight....and yes the 45-ish woman was currently wearing American Eagle clothes....gag. sick. dress your age people!

3- times Finnigan just meowed at me to get off the computer and play with him ;)


vanessalyons said...

I know those Gap shorts you're talking about, I bummed when I couldn't find a size zero.

I forgot to tell you, I bought a steamer at Target, it was $30 and it works really well!!

Mountain Mama said...

So... if I were to dress my age - I think I would be wearing a polyester floral dress that looked like a barn. NO thanks! (now you know how old I am - OLD!) tee hee

I LOVED the announcements you did for Bren. So beautiful!! I could tell you truly blessed her.