Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I think I might be related to my Grandma...

When my Dyson vacuum is in pieces, drying on the kitchen counter cause I took it all apart and scrubbed it in the sink....I think I must be related to my Grandma Ross.
And when I needed to vacuum up something else while my Dyson filter was still wet, I just pulled out my other vacuum and used it. Yup. We're related.


In other exciting news this week- I got four new pairs of pants! Gotta love summer clearance sales! (For those of you who are average height...this will not seem exciting to you, however if you are petite you know what a hassle buying pants can be!)

Mom went to Branson last week with Dad and she got me two pairs of petite (!!!) jeans from Ann Taylor! Both pairs for $11!

And then this week I visited Gap and got two more pairs of pants- and best news is that out of four pairs of pants, only one has to be taken to the tailor to be hemmed! (The khaki ones, they didn't have any "ankle" length ones in my size.)


Mountain Mama said...

Laughing at you! I have never heard of washing the vacuum - IN the SINK!! Hilarious.

Cute jeans. I feel your pain. I am petite also (only in heighth, though)

Ornery's Wife said...

How cool about the pants!
As for the vacuum, we have one of those canister Rainbow vacs that you have to fill with water, which acts as the filter. It has to be washed in the sink EVERY time it is used. I am envious of you, though, that you have a back up! :)