Friday, June 26, 2009

09 Road Trip: Part 2 of 3

Thursday, May 28th: Leaving Colorado Springs- View of Pike's Peak

After leaving Kyle & Jennifer's house, we drove to Littleton, CO where Jason picked up a few backpacking items off Craigslist. The Colorado Craigslist has a ton of camping gear whereas Tulsa's has none. Jason bought a couple backpacks from this Boyscout- he and Jason could've easily talked about trails to hike all afternoon!

The Boyscout lived in a National Park! Driving through his neighborhood was like visiting The Garden of the Gods. It was breathtaking!

Look how this house is just built right up next to one of those giant boulders!

Stopping somewhere along the side of the road to take our picture. My tripod travels with me everywhere!

This is where we spent the night camping, the San Isabel National Forest in southern Colorado.

Warming up pancakes the next morning.

Hiking around the San Isabel National Forest.
Friday, May 29th. From there we drove to Albuquerque, NM and spent the night.
Saturday, May 30th we drove to Canyon, TX and had lunch with my Aunt Chris & Uncle Eric. After lunch we went to cheer on one of their sons in a 100 mile bike race.

My cousin, Stephen

Some of my Aunt Chris' latest pottery work.

Saturday evening we attended the wedding of my second cousin, Adam. The ceremony & reception were held in the bride's parent's backyard & barn.
The funniest part of the whole wedding: when the preacher stumbled over the Number's Blessing and said "continence" instead of "countenance." We all got a good laugh about that in the back row!

My cousin Stephen & his wife, Kennah

Kennah, Aunt Teresa, & me

Great Grandmother Ruby, second cousin Valerie & her little guy Brady, and my Granny

Uncle Eric & Jason were twinkies :)

my Granny & Aunt Chris (my dad's sister) parents were somewhere around there at the wedding, guess I didn't really get any pics of them though.

Sunday, May 31 we got up pretty early and drove home. I was ready to be home after 6 hectic days!

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