Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whirlwind May

May has come and just about gone! 

My sister and her husband graduated from college!
Collin & Vanessa


Jason's sister got married! 
Chris & Michelle 

sporting our black & red attire


I attended a wedding of a childhood/college church friend last night. It was truly a "red-carpet, movie star" type event. Very Hailey!

Ryan  & Hailey- this has been 7 years coming! 

Lindsay & Katie

Lindsay is one of my best friends from growing up & was one of my bridesmaids (If you're wondering... she & Hailey are my supermodel friends. really. definitely not Martha)

After Ryan & Hailey's wedding we went to dinner at Chilis with our good friends, Matthew & Jessica. Jason and I were exhausted and a little under the weather and probably should have gone home and right to bed, but we had an especially great time with them last night. I am looking forward to summer events with them- riding bikes, going to a Driller's baseball game, grilling out, watching fireworks, etc! They are keeping Finnigan during our upcoming trip. Jessica is SO excited! I know he will be well taken care of- probably spoiled rotten! :) 

Today I took my friend Tanya and her little boy to the airport at 6:30am! That came too early for a Saturday morning. Later this afternoon I attended a graduation open house for a dear, dear friend- Katie.  I forgot to take any pictures. :(  Shame on me.  I was Katie's summer nanny while she was growing up- she was just a tiny little second grader when I first met them! It makes me feel old that she is done with high school now! You might remember her family from this post on my "new" furniture. 

It came up a big storm this evening. I've been at home folding laundry, doing dishes and drinking a nice mug of hot tea. Jason just now came home from a looooong day of working. I warmed him up some "taco rolls" I had leftover pizza dough last week and taco meat, so I enclosed 2 scoops of taco meat in the dough and baked them. The look like giant yeast rolls, but they are filled with meat! Jason loves them! 

I'm off to get some rest so my body can get better! 

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Kara said...

aww. I'm sad I missed Hailey's wedding and seeing everybody! Thanks for taking pictures. I can always count on you :)