Sunday, May 10, 2009

To My Mama

To the sweet woman God chose to be my Mama, 
Happy Mother's Day! 
I Love You!

You spent many hours of my childhood sewing us all those cute matching clothes,
and taking us to visit that fun store, Kathleen's Bows
perhaps another Mother's Day 1990-ish

You are so thoughtful, creative and caring,
never, ever overbearing!
Royal Family Kids' Camp Activities Director- July 2008

You enjoy being active and "doing"
but are certainly anti-tattooing!
Breaking Ground for our church's addition- February 2009
with my Mom & my dear friend, Donna

You've worked hard to help us excel,
except "wordsmithing" was your way to teach us to spell!
8th Grade Graduation from Evangelistic Temple School- May 1999

You're not afraid to get down and play,
or get your fingers dirty as you plant flowers in the Tulsa clay.
Mama playing with my little cousin, Charlee. She will make a wonderful Grandma someday. :) December 2008

We were both fortunate enough to have braces,
they've helped give us both such pretty faces. 
Getting ready for Vanessa's wedding, November 2008

Your dad taught you to love writing letters,
but I don't think he passed on the addiction to buying coats, jackets and sweaters!
Hanging out with her dad at the lake house- July 2008

You can't survive without your morning pot of coffee,
and you love it even more with some fancy creamer flavored like toffee!
Early riser making coffee at the lake! - July 2008

You love your two girls,
that both like to draw doodles and swirls
With Vanessa at our cousin Robert's wedding- June 2008

You've modeled how to be a good wife,
you've had a marriage filled with love and not strife.
Celebrating Collin & Vanessa's birthdays at a Japanese Steak House (dad trying to look the part)- June 2008

"Nothing that can't be changed with a bottle of craft paint"
and sometimes there you must exercise some restraint!
My Mama loves my handmade gifts! -December 2007

You told me recently you weren't sure about having kids, I'm glad you decided to,
and that I didn't scare you from having baby number two!
With her girls! December 2007

Our family seems to be lacking in height,
but overall that just seems really trite.
With her Mom- September 2007

You call me by my most beautiful middle name, 
Cherie is not even remotely lame!
On my wedding day- October 2006
(Bren, my colors were pink & brown!!)

You strived to raise your girls to be great friends,
always prompting us to make quick amends.
On my wedding day- October 2006

You love the summer sun,
always the tan one!
Looking for a lake house- June 2006

Mama, thank you for your friendship,
I'm excited about going to Brazil with you on a missions trip!
At Vanessa's graduation- May 2009

We make a beautiful group of ladies,
maybe someday I'll add a little girl named Mercedes
Happy Mother's Day 2009!
Love, Cherie


~Bren~ said...

How beautiful! Your mom was sure a blessing to you and your sister...and still is. As a mom of grown kids, I can tell you are are certainly a blessing to your mom!
AND you have great taste (pink and brown)!! ;)

Carol said...

Awwww. That's pretty cool Andrea. It's one of the great blessings of life when your child realizes that #1.) God gave your Mom some strengths to balance out the lameness inherent in being from the preceeding generation! & #2.) God somehow helps the child have the grace to grow up to be the person they're supposed to be instead of the vast sum of their mother's inept attempts to "manage" the continual circus called "those precious years of childhood." Thank-you for the memories (and for picking out some complimentary photos!) God is faithful period