Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not Me Thursday

My friend Laurie had a funny post to read on Monday this week called, "Not Me Monday." She's joined MckMama's blog carnival in doing so. MckMama describes your not me posts, 

"I thought it was funny to 
'fess up about some embarrassing things I'd done that pretending I totally did not actually do them!"

This is my favorite line from Laurie's post:
"And on my way home, I did NOT stop at Pops and buy their entire stock of Henry Weinhard’s root beer for my husband, even though there were others in line that wanted some. NO, that greedy person must have been someone else who belongs to some other husband."

I've had a "Not me" THURSDAY today. humpf. ;)

This morning I did NOT get out of bed 3 times to push snooze. I have NOT put my alarm clock on the other side of the room for good reason. 

Today, I did NOT discover that Finnigan likes vanilla ricemilk over vanilla soymilk from the bottom of a ceral bowl. Nope, NOT me, I don't feed my kitty from the table. ;)

I did NOT come home  from work and take an hour long nap. Sheesh who needs naps when they get up before dawn? NOT me! :)

I have NOT accomplished nothing tonight. 

Right now I do NOT have 3 clean loads of laundry to fold and that must be someone else's silver car in the parking lot with a trunkfull of shop towels to go to the laundromat! I would NEVER dirty up someone elses washing machine with greasy grimy shop towels- I would do them in my own personal washing machine. 
Since I made bread yesterday morning, I have NOT left the flour on the countertop that I kneaded the loaves on because my kitchen trash is NOT too overflowing to even brush the excess flour into! 

My kitchen table is NOT covered in 13 Mason jars, a salsa maker, a Crock Pot and an electric skillet. No, I put away all my kitchen gadgets when I'm done using them. 

I NEVER leave dishes undone - clean and dirty- for a whole day and a half. I am a perfect flybaby. :)

I do NOT have receipts, bills and paperwork to do~ only a good chick flick to watch, that's all. 



~Bren~ said...

You are too cute!! I enjoyed this.
Love your new blog look!

Jason Sooter said...

I wouldn't know where to start with the "Not Me"'s in my shop.

LB said...

I LOVE this post, I LOVE days like this, and I LOVE your husband's comment above mine :) Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Teddi said...

This is PRECIOUS and to pic. blog it - made it over the top in my book!!

OH MY, the "Not Me's" would be to plentiful to write in my house. I always enjoy your refreshing blogs!

Mountain Mama said...