Thursday, May 14, 2009

I can't hear you!!

Come ON readers! Fess up!  I've got a whopping 4 comments on my de-lurking request, all from people who regularly leave comments anyways! 

Who are you in:

Warrenton, Missouri

Cary, North Carolina

Olean, New York

Johnson City, Tennessee 
(are you my Pampered Chef friend??)

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Danbury, Connecticut

Lexington, Kentucky

I am SO curious! I've even made it to where anyone can leave a comment, you don't have to have a blogger/google sign in!! Just click on the word "comments" down at the bottom of my post and you can put just your name in where it says "name/url"!

Bren, I found you through Amy's blog (the one who doesn't blog any more) 
Ashley, I found you through Bren's blog, I think. 
TM, I found you while reading comment's on a blog post about wood burning stoves. I could not tell you what blog that even is, I only read it that one time. Small world, isn't it!?


Mountain Mama said...

I am GLAD you found me!

jessica said...

Hi! I'm Jessica from Raleigh, NC. I found you through Laurie's blog (which I've been reading since she was LB not LT). It's fun reading about all the throwback things you do. I love that you and your husband strive for simplicity and how you cook from scratch. I'm single, but definitely relate to why you are choosing to live this way. Nice to meet you!

~Bren~ said...

I have been so blessed by "knowing" you!!! I feel a strong connection to your mother LOL!

Ornery's Wife said...

Well, believe it or not, Ale and I both come read here frequently and some quirk of fate has caused our blogs to show up from Guthrie. I'd love to figure out how to change that, but know that if you see Grand Forks, ND on there sometime, that will be Ale!

I don't think Ale has ever left a comment, but she is a regular reader and absolutely LOVES your pictures! She likes that you are short and your husband is tall (Ryan is 11 inches taller than she is...) and always jokes about you standing on a bucket in pictures. She found you through my blog when I used to have a link list on my sidebar. Come to think of it, she may even have you listed on her blog (alesalley.blogspot)

I think that is interesting the circuitous route we find people--like you finding me on a blog I haven't read in months either. Actually, my life has not been my own since last summer!

Sorry it took me so long to delurk--although, I think I am one of the regular commentators! I do love reading your posts, though, and have had much fun getting to know you better. Odd that we have lived up the street for so many years and I never really knew you!