Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Look

I've gotten a little tired of some of my decorating and 
a solution came through my front door just yesterday!

 This wall over our bed was seeming more 
and more "cluttery" to me. 

Jason came home from his aunt & uncle's (the cabinet makers) last night with some new doors for me! Just what I needed! A fresh clean look! (Finnigan supervised to make sure I hung them all level and evenly spaced :)

Also, I ran into my sister at Hobby Lobby yesterday while she was buying some burlap. 
Look what she made for her apartment with some cabinet door frames I'd passed along to her!


Ornery's Wife said...

Don't you just love it when you switch things up a bit? I just hung some new curtains in my living room and the whole place feels different! Love the cabinet doors, what a great idea, and Kudos to Vanessa, too. Very nice!

Mountain Mama said...

LOVE the new bedroom look!!

And a cute burlap idea. Keep up the good work.