Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was recently informed that I could become a fan of my church's "Mother's of Preschoolers" (MOPS) group on Facebook even though I don't have a baby or one on the way....since I apparently have a "fur-baby" aka Finnigan. So I've got to do a little bragging cause he is so darn cute!! 

I've been entering him in a contest to be in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. They'd better pick him!

Jason won a basket/toolbox at a silent auction last week. He gave Finn all the insides and wrapping & he loved it!

I bet you can guess who cleaned up all this mess!

Finnigan had so much fun with it though!

It's a life of luxury, I know :)

Jason stuck him up here. Not too sure about this. 

We let him out on our balcony sometimes. Isn't he just adorable!

My cousin, Stephen, told me there is no such thing as a cute cat...but I told him Finnigan is above the rest. See, he's even into cylcing like you are, Steve! 

Finnigan really likes to play with Little Guy

Little Guy is oblivious to Finn most of the time. 

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~Bren~ said...

Your Finn is absolutely adorable!!
My DIL goes to MOPS and loves it!