Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Photos!!

I've wanted to blog for over a week now! I have new pictures to share!!! But I've told myself no blogging until some things are crossed off my to-do list! Finally today I got a couple tasks done that I've been putting off, so enjoy!!

Last Satuday, April 11th we had the pleasure of having our family photo's taken- both sides! We did Jason's family first thing in the morning and I am SO PLEASED with the results! Then at the end of the day we got my family all together and had our photo's done too!

Our photographer was Brenda Horan:
She was FANTASTIC!! Thanks, Brenda!

Jason, Andrea, Kevin, Diane, Bob, Michelle & Chris

I love this one because Brenda had everyone but me kinda lean over on their elbows- so I'm not SO terribly short compared to the rest of the family!

 I LOVE this one of Jason's parents with us kids in the background!

Jason's sister, Michelle, and her fiance, Chris

I LOVE this one too! 

the guys

I never really realize how long my hair IS until I see it in a photo! 

Bob, Diane & Kevin

the gals

the kids

me & my sweet husband :)

And then we move onto my side of the family. Starting with my mom's parent's.  Brenda got some really cute shots of them!
My Grandma & Grandpa Ross, they will be married 60 years in September '10!

Grandpa Ross turns 80 at the end of this month! We are having a birthday BBQ for him next weekend!

the gals

Me & my sweet sister, Vanessa

Not that I'm biased or anything like that, but I have the world's best parents!

Brenda's grand idea...hanging me by this giant hook and swinging me. We never got to the the swinging part cause I was laughing so hard. AND there is a restaurant next door to this stairway and like 15 people came out of the restaurant and stopped to gawk! It was hilarious!

My daddy :)

Lil lovebirds, Collin & Vanessa

The whole crew...I'm super small in Jason's family and he's super tall in mine ;)

Dad & Jason each had to have a "welding" pic! 

G'ma & G'pa with their granddaughters

Aren't they adorable!? Yes I know, I have the cutest grandparents ever!


Mountain Mama said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! The pics are awesome! Every one of them. Nice looking families.

My fave is the last one of your very cute grandparents.

Ornery's Wife said...

Wow, those were awesome pix. Yes, Jason is a giant compared to your family, and your grands are adorable. She is always smiling!

I really liked the pix at the park of you and Jason. So neat. I may have to look her up and have some portraits of Ornery and me taken when I reach my weight goal!

~Bren~ said...

Incredible family pics!!! You are blessed on both sides!

Jessica Tankersley said...

Haha, that picture of your swinging is the funniest thing I have seen all day. HAHAHA