Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cake Balls

I'm a big Bakerella reader. 
I've been drooling over her blog several months now and finally found the courage to try making cake balls! Enjoy!

1. Make a cake. I've made yellow cake and rainbow chip now for this

2. When cake is completely cool, crumble it up!

3. Add 1/4 can of frosting to the crumbs, I used cream cheese flavored. You will need to use your hands for this step to get the frosting completely mixed into the cake crumbs

4. Shape "dough" into bite sized balls and place on a cookie sheet. Each cake will make about 40-50 cake balls.

5. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for a couple of hours or overnight (my preference).

6. Melt a whole package of Almond Bark (white or chocolate) or colored dipping chips (available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the cake & candy section) as directed on the package. 

7. Bakerelle also makes goregous cake pops, so I used the lollipop stick idea to dip my cake balls. I left about this much cake showing around the stick so the ball would come off easier. The stick idea works best when the dough is still frozen. If necessary leave the second half of the dough in the freezer while dipping the first part. 

8. Another Bakerella idea. Let them harden propped up like this in a block of styrofoam. This prevents them from having a "pool" of  chocolate around the bottom of them when they dry. 

Yes, they are delicious!

9. After removing the lollipop stick, I put them on a plate and then drizzle a little more chocolate on top for decoration :)

10. Ta-da! Cake Balls!



Jessica Tankersley said...

Oh my gosh Andrea! These look AMAZING! I must try these sometime soon ...

RebekahC said...

Dumb question, but how exactly did you accomplish the drizzling? Rather, what did you use to drizzle the chocolate?

Also, do you think popsicle sticks would work in place of lollipop sticks? Otherwise, how expensive are lollipop sticks?