Monday, March 30, 2009

My Mom's Thoughts

My mom (Carol) left a beautiful response to my last post about Collin's dad passing on. Thought I'd share it with all:

Blogger Carol said...

I only met Ian on two ocassions, once when Collin and Vanessa were boyfriend and girlfriend, Labor Day weekend of 2007. The Campbells had come to Tulsa to see Collin and attend Family where Collin is the Worship leader. Tim and I and Vanessa went out to lunch with the Campbell Clan. It was one of those God-moments, because the only table large enough to seat all of us at TiAmos was off to the side in a private area. We had this long leisurely lunch that lasted for about 2 hours. Tim and Ian were definately feeling each other out! And Ian had such a sharp wit. It was the meeting of two very loving and dynamic families. I think both families came away with the feeling that Collin and Vanessa might just possibly on the right track together. Tim and Ian had several conversations by phone as Collin made plans to take Vanessa to New Hampshire for Fall Break. Ian wanted Tim to know they would take good care of Vanessa when she came to visit. 

When Collin met privately with Tim and I to ask about proposing to Vanessa, he had already visited with his parents about his desire to marry and even though Collin and Vanessa were only about half way through their college career, Collin had his parents' blessing. Tim and I were so appreciative that Collin had taken the time and effort to ask his parents their thoughts. We could see he had a great relationship with his mom and dad.

The other time we met Ian was on the weekend surrounding Collin and Vanessa's wedding. We had the Campbell Clan over for dinner at our house their first evening in Tulsa. It was a very wonderful evening and kind of our only time to focus some attention on Ian and Annie. We had already become convinced that they must be amazing people, to raise such an incredible son. Ian had to take it a little bit easy during the course of the weekend's events, but Tim and I were so amazed that Ian and Annie would join in all the festivities, including the Rehersal Dinner "open mike" session. (we found out later, they weren't used to that Rehearsal Dinner routine , and it took them by surprise....we just figured everyone did it that way!) Ian and Annie sang together as the wedding guests were being seated....a family lullaby they had written and sung for their children. Ian played guitar...something he and Collin shared as a gift. And Ian was obviously proud, the men of the Campbell family stand TOGETHER when the moment arrives. 

What can I say, our time to meet and get to know Ian has been too short. He has obviously been a tremendous father and a force for love and solidarity in his family. Tim and I appreciate Ian and Annie so much.

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~Bren~ said...

A very touching tribute by your mom. I will be praying for Ian's family.