Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mini Road Trip

Tuesday, March 17th: We woke up at 3am, had breakfast, packed snacks, got dressed and headed out the door. 

Mission: to pick up a vice and a dolly in Kansas City, KS and make it to Jason's brother's basketball game in Springfield, MO at 2:50pm.

P.S. Jason let me borrow his camera for the day!

1st Stop: photo with the sunrise!
(I love that you can see our eye color in this photo so well...our eyes are almost identical "honey yellow")

2nd Stop: to pick up a 100 lb. vice in Shawnee, Kansas that Jason won off Ebay. This wouldn't have been a great deal if we'd had to pay to ship it!

3rd Stop: to pick up a Magliner dolly in Pratt, Kansas that Jason found on Craigslist. These dolly's are $300 new and we got it for $50!...Another item we wouldn't have wanted to ship!

Then we drove about 4 hours over to Springfield, MO. We started listening to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand on audio on this trip.  I completed 25 shower invites for Jason's sister's wedding shower and started the hand-stitching on the binding of an RFKC quilt! 

4th Stop: The real reason we went on this whole trip- to see Jason's brother play in a basketball tournament in Springfield, MO. The vice and the dolly kinda fell into place and "while we were out that way" we figured we should stop by to get them!

While flipping through the program, we discovered that our friend, Thomas Carlson, is also the Mayor of Springfield! He sure is a busy man!

5th Stop: Grizzly Tools = Jason in tool heaven!

See, he's even a little giddy about all the mills and lathes and saws.....

Jason's brother, Kevin, and mom & dad joined us at Grizzly Tools.

I however got a little bored by all the tools, so I went to pet the grizzly bear. (It didn't have a "do not touch" sign like the suit of armor over by the knives counter did!?)

We were going to go to Lamberts, Home of Thrown Rolls next, but when we got there apparently every other family in town for the basketball tournament had the same idea. So we just headed home. 

6th Stop: Did you know that Oklahoma is home to the WORLD'S largest McDonald's. We stopped and had ice cream on the way home. I don't even remember the last time I'd been to the "McDonald's Over the Road" a kid though we always stopped here and had hashbrowns on the way to see my Grandparents in Illinois!

Hours awake: 3am-10pm
Hours in the car: about 12
Miles traveled: 685
Whole day spent with my husband: PRICELESS!


Kara said...

whoa! I forgot half-way through reading that you made the trip in one day. nice! I think I'm too old for trips like looks like you guys had fun, though.

Mountain Mama said...

What fun!! And to be with hubby all day and 12 hours of it "trapped" in the car. I call it "trapped" b/c my husband and I do lots of talking without any distractions - except for the little naps that I may take.

scrappapervlog said...

That is probably the most freakin coolest dolly I've ever seen! And a killer deal too!