Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beautiful Day

The temperature gauge on my car said it was 82 today! Wow it was glorious! I spent the day drving around filling up our little candy vending machines.

Jason & I met up for lunch and I got to meet this pretty lady and her family for the first time! She is one of my mother-in-law's friends, but I've gotten to know Dawn through blog world! So that was fun! We ate at the White River Fish Market. Very tasty. :) 

Tonight Jason has a bball game at the YMCA! I really enjoy watching him play and am sad that tonight is the last game I can go to. But not too sad, next Thursday night I get to go to a cooking class a friend at church has at her home once a month! I was thrilled when she invited me last week! It's just something she does for fun to connect with friends and share a talent she has!

In other news, Finnigan lost his first kitten tooth this morning. I got pretty grossed out when it came out on my jacket while I was playing with him. I made Jason come get it off me. Apparently I can't handle the sight of blood very well. Hopefully I get over that when I become a mom. :)

I've also been booking photo sessions for the weekend of March 20-21st when our friend Kim is coming to Tulsa! So if you live nearby, sign up, she's awesome! $100 for session & photo CD! (She is the one who took our pictures right before Christmas.)


Mountain Mama said...

82!!! Holy Cow! We won't see those kind of temps until June.

Wish we could do the photo session. She does awesome work.

Ornery's Wife said...

Yes, today was a wonderful day to be out and about. It made me especially grateful that we have those rockers on the front porch to just sit and listen to the birds and envision the coming flowers on the trees. I do love spring in Tulsa-town!