Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's List

Today's To Do: ( I like posting my kinda helps keep me accountable- especially for getting that pilates video done!)
  • Do Esther lesson while drinking hot tea
  • Pilates video- no pilates class today at the YMCA, only step class and my legs need a break from the past 3 days!
  • Go to UPS and mail 2 packages
  • Go to Sam's, get gas and some food & vending supplies for Monday
  • Laundry, wash sheets
  • Vacuum, dust
  • Dishwasher loaded, started, countertops cleaned
  • clean cat box (yuck)
  • take out the trash
  • Play fishy with Finnigan
  • Make cookies for Jason's lunches
  • Post new adorable pictures of friend's foster baby and of Finnigan
  • Post "Dangerous Chocolate Cake" recipe on blog
  • Take it easy with my husband this evening. It's been an exhausing week. 

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