Saturday, February 21, 2009

Food, Friendship & the Family Table

That is the name of our new church cookbook- which is almost done and off to the publisher! I'm shooting for Tuesday to have it all in the mail. I made this comment on Bren's post about re-organizing her church library: 

Wow! What a project! I feel that way too~ I somehow thought it was time our church did another cookbook for our 35th anniversary this year and so I got put in charge of it. Duh Andrea. I've had to choose a publishing company, collect all the recipes (online), decide on format, proof, etc etc... 450 recipes later we should have it all sent into Morris Press Cookbooks this next week. All I know is someone else can do the next one!

*Side note: our pastor's wife, Donna, has been right along side me proofing all these recipes! I can't forget to thank her!!

As I was writing that comment my mind began to wander: It's been 10 years since our church last did one- so another 10 (or 15 years if we wait til our church celebrates its 50th anniversary) could even put me at 35 or 40 years old. That's really crazy for me to think about! Just about as crazy for volunteering to oversee this project! ;)


Mountain Mama said...

I know you are not looking for a "pat on the back" but Way to Go!! That is a big undertaking and you did it. ahhh!

Generations to come will enjoy the recipes.

~Bren~ said...

I am cracking was 10 years AGO that I was getting ready to turn 40!
That cookbook will be used by your children's children someday and they will say, "My grandma put this together for the church when she was in her 20's!!!"