Friday, February 13, 2009

101 Reasons I LOVE My Valentine!

101 Reasons I love my husband, Jason... Happy Valentine's Day!!

1. He gave me Finnigan
2. Love & Respect (that's some good stuff!)
3. Pillowtalk
4. He plays basketball- my favorite sport to watch!
5. He has LOTS of tools and knows how to use them
6. He tells me in great detail how he took his milling machine apart today. I love how his mind works :)
7. Haircuts are easy to give
8. He puts so much honey on toast and pancakes - every square inch of surface area is covered!
9. Fixes my computer and understands it all for me. 
10. Practical
11. It's important to him that I have the resources I need to excel as a wife (mostly that I have time to invest in learning- hobbies, skills, traits)
12. He's my blog's biggest supporter, he likes our lives being recorded
13. He reads A LOT
14. He thinks it's important to do things that stretch yourself- like going to Mexico with 30 teenagers for a week on a missions trip
15. He is obsessed with Finnigan. I would've never guessed!
16. He encourages me to buy organic food
17. He will snuggle up and watch a chick flick with me, just because he know's I'd like it
18. He trusts me with the part of our business that I handle- he doesn't do much of the vending except repairs and moving of pop/snack machines.
19. It was his idea to pick and juice apples last fall- and yes he helped juice them too!
20. He loves that I take lots of pictures.
21.He is a good friend (also to others, not just me!)
22. Quirky little things like Capitalizing Letters In the Middle of a Sentence, "Because those words are important too, Andrea."
23. He watched John & Kate Plus 8 with me when we were in Florida (one episode) because he knows I like that show
24. He is 100% the head of our household
25. He doesn't like pink, or should I say hates pink. Pink has negative manly-ness in his book!
26. He changes the TP roll when it runs out and doesn't just leave it for me to do. And on top of that- he is particular like me that it is put on correctly- where it comes off the roll from the top!
27. He usually notices the small things I do for him, like having a fresh glass of water on his nightstand (pre- kitten days though!) and makes a point to say thanks.
28. He agrees with me that what is the point of having nice decorating if you don't display it- like making the bed (he will if I ask) and closing the shower curtain (almost always gets this one right!)
29. Snuggling is really important to him
30. We share the favorite movie: The Count of Monte Cristo
31. He played all 16 rounds of the double fifteen dominoes with me recently and only won like 4 rounds. He was a good sport (for the most part) at letting me beat him so many times
32. He really encourages my creative side
33. He grew up watching Feature Films for Families too!
34. He wanted to paint all the walls in our apartment so I would feel like this is really home until we can build our house
35. He mostly doesn't care what other people think about him. Example: he wears polo shirts almost exclusively with jeans or shorts. So he has "work" polos and "nice" polos! It's like his self imposed uniform. 
36. He would rather eat at home than go out to eat. 
37. Even thought the acting was slightly cheesy, he really liked Fireproof with me. 
38. He make sure the door is locked every night before bed so I feel safe
40. He loves Royal Family Kids Camp as much as me
41. He really likes to encourage people by helping them- like Danny & Amonda moving a house to the country or when Tim & Danielle added on to their house. 
42. He enjoys the beach and the mountains, now if I can just get him to want to go skiing at some point!
43. He likes to listen to Chip Ingram's podcasts
44.He doesn't want Finnigan eating junk food, so we only buy organic cat food.
45. He doesn't quote movies all the time like a lot of guys do
46. He uses electrical tape instead of band aids
47. He knows how to weld
48. He puts up with me listening to my "Rascal Flatts" country station on
49. He likes to stop and look at things on road trips- like going across a field to look at windmills or a harvested cotton field on the way home from Amarillo
50. He wants to build our home completely sustainable- off the grid, rainwater collection, geothermal heating/cooling
51. He maintains our vehicles himself
52. He always stops to help people push their car out of the road if needed
53. He let me design my wedding ring- it's so me! I love it!
54. He believes we should operate on a cash basis- and have done so for 2 years now. 
55. He is primarily friends with guys who are engineers (like 6+ people I can think of off the top of my head)
56. He is always very generous with his time. 
57. He is tall. I always wanted to marry a tall guy!
58. He likes to laugh
59. He really enjoys Pixar movies- when we go out, we do our best to hold it to a G or PG movie, a standard he set for us. 
60. He puts his dishes in the dishwasher if there's room. (Helps me keep my sink shiny!)
61. He is just plain ole tough! After he rips out cabinets or does some other demolition on a job he usually calls me and tells me he is "made for that kind of work!"
62. He is a great speller
63. He understands accounting (if not more than me- and I have an accounting degree...)
64. He drives me crazy when he eats the tortillas as fast as I can make them, but then again that means he likes my cooking! Same with cookie dough!
65. He always tells me when I go have a girls night or coffee date that I am more than welcome to stay as long as I'd like, don't worry about rushing home. That means a lot to me!
66. I'm learning to appreciate that his relationship with God is different than mine.  ;)
67. He listens to audio books when he is doing mindless work like grouting a tile job. He's so smart!
68. He is a super hard worker. 
69. He is a thinker through and through. I can't keep up with him- I've tried! 
70. He is leading our lives in a disciplined and determined manor- determined not to float throughout life living just "doing what everyones doing" but rather a "think for yourself" mindset
71. He's striving to let my organization skills rub off on him
72. He loves the outdoors - especially admiring God's creation
73. He's like me in that many of his friends are twice his age- there's much to be learned from a mature friend! ;)
74. He always prefers to give a job to someone he knows so that they benefit from the referral
75. He calls me often in the middle of the day, just to see how I am doing. 
76. He thanks me often for feeding him. The way to his heart really is through his stomach!
77. He values my opinions
78. He is "Map Man" a nickname he earned in high school. He loves maps!
79. He always hangs up his wet bath towels
80. He knows my love language is words of encouragement and is a wonderful encourager :)
81. Almost every Sunday morning after I am dressed for church he tells me, "You look cute today, baby!"
82. He loves to visit my family it TX like I do! Guns, tools, wrestling, intellectual conversation- he loves all the testosterone there! We ladies are outnumbered!
83. Often on the way back from Arkansas he stops at Braums and we get ice cream cones together!
84. He is so good with our friend's kiddos, he's going to be a fantastic father!
85. He enables me to be a good gift giver- I LOVE to give gifts, especially out of the blue! I think that's my "how I show love" love language!
86. He is ok with me going on an 8 day missions trip this summer, even though he's said multiple times how much he's going to miss me (mostly I think he'll miss his meals being made every day! haha!)
87. He does beautiful remodeling work. He makes me SO proud that it's gorgeous and high quality!
88.He talks with me a lot- females need lots of conversation and he's so good to me!
89. He and I work together often. I consider that a HUGE blessing in our lives. Many people tell me they couldn't work together with their spouse and I'm so glad we can! We won the "how well do you know your spouse" game at home fellowship last weekend! I credit it to how much time we spend together!
90. He reaches things up high for me so I don't have to get a ladder, stool or chair to stand on!
91. He is always trying to come up with the next best analogy in conversation. My brain so doesn't work like that! (Jason adds: my friend Thomas is my newest mentor, he is the king of analogies!)
92. He enables us to take lots of trips. I still can't believe we had about 10 weeks off last year for camps, missions and personal trips! That's incredible to me!
94. He looks at almost everything and wonders, "How can I make that?"
95. He fixes everything! (Including me! Sometimes I have to remind him that I don't always want to be fixed, just listened too! haha!)
96. He has really high standards for just about everything. 
97. He is like our friend Danny said once, "a sponge" because he just soaks up every little piece of information possible!
98. He is a faithful husband, son (in-law), brother (in-law) and friend. 
99. He tells me every single day he loves me!!!
100. He is taking me to Fleming's Steak House for Valentine's dinner!
101. He will be embarrassed by this whole list- he's a humble guy who doesn't like to be the center of attention, but he's the center of my little world! 


Carol said...

I love analogies too!

One of the best wedding sermons I've ever heard (from a Catholic priest no less!) emphasized that each party has a responsibility to adapt to the other. I thought at the time it was incredibly practical and wise advice. I'm so glad you two have adapted to each other in so many spheres of your lives. Blessings on the two of you! - Mom

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Very fun list of things about your husband.

#42 - if you get him to go skiing - make sure it is Utah. You can stay with us!!!

Danielle said...


I really enjoyed reading your list about Jason. It has been so much fun for Tim and I to watch you two grown in love and admiration for one another. Have a fun date at Flemings! : )