Sunday, January 11, 2009


That is the number of times this girl has made me cry today! (ok, three times as I sit here and type this!)

This is Rachael (and her son, TJ). She is in our 10th grade small group at our church.

First time was this morning at church, I heard she had some "big news" so I ran right over to ask her before church started.  She smiled real big and told me, "I'm getting adopted today!!!!"

Second time was this evening in our small group, she came in a little late just shaking with excitement! She had just met the family who was going to adopt her and was going right after church tonight to spend her first night with her new family! No school tomorrow either, just bonding she said! 

Rachael will be 16 on Tuesday this week, what a birthday present! A family!!

Rachael is a part of our church's Crisis Pregnancy Outreach (CPO). She had her baby at age 14, and eventually decided she was too young to be a parent and gave him up for adoption through CPO when he was 6 months old. Her family life was not very great, so she came to live in our church's CPO Transitional Home. She has wanted a real family for some time now.  Jason & I and several other in our church have been praying for one to come. Today was that day! The couple has one daughter still at home whose name is also Rachel! That will be fun! Our Rachael told us this family is into art just like she is!  I cannot express how excited Jason & I are for her! Yay Rachael!!!

P.S. Here is a news article about the family that adopted Rachael's little boy. 

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~Bren~ said...

What a beautiful girl. I am in awe of how she loved her son so much she gave him a life she could not she will get the same gift she gave her son!!!!
Praising Jesus!!!!!!