Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today To Do

Since we came home from Texas last weekend I have had to work full time this week. I can't really service vending machines because it's a holiday so today is my "to do" day! We are leaving for south Florida early Saturday morning and I have to work all day tomorrow too! Here's today's to do list: (red = done!)

  • Laundry
  • Pack
  • Get thank you cards ready with gifts list to take with us.
  • Wash all dishes...dishwasher's been broken since Tuesday, I haven't done any since then either...hopefully our apartments will get it fixed while we are gone
  • Take ice cream maker and Christmas stockings back to my parent's house, pick up past issues of Traditional Home while I'm there
  • Make sure all paperwork and bills are done before leaving
  • Clean out fridge, freeze food we won't have time to eat before Saturday
  • Clean & pick up house, gotta come home to a clean home!! (now if only men understood this concept...)
  • Put away Christmas gifts & store boxes for next year
  • Finish photo albums on Facebook of Christmas (& Thankgiving!)
  • Blog about Christmas!

1 comment:

LB said...

Any time Laurie can meet you to bring you your Christmas present??