Friday, January 23, 2009


I have a really awesome husband!

Check out my early Valentines Day gift, Finnigan!! He hasn't stopped purring since I brought him home! He's about 4 months old. 

Vanessa & Collin got a kitten a couple weeks ago, it's so tiny & cute! Jason knows how much I love it! When I saw a kitty yesterday along our vending route I stopped to pet it and Jason said out of the blue, " I guess you could get a cat if you'd like." TOTALLY shocked me! We've had an agreement that I can't get a cat until he get's a dog. And there is NO way we can have a dog in our tiny apartment! He said he'd be fine without a dog and I could get a cat! Wahoo!! I wasted no time in looking! The SPCA had kitties at Pet's Mart, already fixed and vacinated, ready to be adopted and taken home today! I had no idea I'd get one this quick! Vanessa & my friend, Tanya went with me. We played with three out of a litter and this little guy just cuddled right up with me!

(that was him typing...he likes my computer!)
Here he is chasing the mouse on my computer screen!


~Bren~ said...

He is CUTE!!! And I love his name!!!

vanessalyons said...

yay for kitties! ours can be friends!! Did you know that its actually PET-SMART? That little revelation was from my marketing class last se"mester and every time collin and i go there i have to say hey did you know its actually 'pet smart'?" He isn't as amused as I am... :)

LB said...

I can't wait to meet him!!

Carol said...

I'm just a little N.V.US! Out of the blue my husband volunteered that I will NOT be getting a cat. Just wanted to get his opinion stated early on. That maybe because he now knows me sooooo well. Glad for you and Nessa though. - Mom

Jamie Noel said...

Congrats Andrea! He's definitely a cutie!! And I love the name too!

Staci said...

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